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Pictures of your Chest Rigs

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Recently picked up a SAW so I went back to using my ATS slick instead of the low profile:



ATS Slick Chest Rig

Padded H-harness

Paraclete flashbang pouch

Eagle 100rd SAW pouch

3 FF M4 doubles


TT Accessory Pouch

TT Hydration carrier



Thunder B grenade

Loose ammo

Light batteries



Cobra Dual Band radio with hand mic

Spare radio battery




Speed loader

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Felt bad for bringing people to have a go at Airsoft and having no tac gear to lend then so I whipped up a cheapo chest rig and way too pleased how it turned out. Viper VX buckle up rig - £28 Wynex

Jaeger and Tarzan rigs plus a Czech bag for more frags and whatnot.  

Being a massive Chest Rig fan myself, these are some of my commercial & issue ones from the collection, that I use for gaming & are good to go for a British Northern Ireland loadout...   Arkit

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Sorry to ask - but was this the thread where someone had a Grey Ghost Assault Backpack attached to a Chest Rig? Looking for the picture.






There's one at the bottom of page 37--I've been looking for a new MC rig for just that purpose, and didn't realize someone here had already done it.




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Thanks Kojac, but I remember a thread where the guy had the Grey Ghost Assault Pak side by side two others.

Anyone recall that?



here, it was me,scroll down about half way, http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/index.php/topic/176699-a-tacs-advanced-tactical-concealment-system-camo/page__st__160

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I will probably catch a lot of ###### for buying a Web-Tex product but meh. :) This is the rig I wanted, not as comfy as my RACK, but it's still brand new and only been tested for a few minutes. It will do fine for airsoft I think.






Don't have any pouches yet except the issue H4855 PRR pouch.

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Thanks! Just a Pantac and the mod took about 30mins for the rigger to do, just a hotknife and a good sewing machine. I have new setup for it too, ran it yesterday and was very happy with it.



Got this Source 1 quart foldable canteen so I ditched the camelbak very nice for a DA impression or day with shorter games.







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Complete for now.


BCM MSF 03 Chest Harness

Paraclete .45 double

TT M4 shingle


TT Accessory pouch

Paraclete Small medical pouch

Maxpedition shotshell panel


*For normal games unless I was running the shotgun as my primary the shell panel would be empty or have chem lights. This was to allow the same rig to work with both primaries with no switching of pouches or additional rigs.


*5 magazines on the chest may not seem like a lot but when I count the one on my belt and one in my gun it gives me over 700 rounds for immediate use which is plenty for me.

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*5 magazines on the chest may not seem like a lot but when I count the one on my belt and one in my gun it gives me over 700 rounds for immediate use which is plenty for me.

I only ever have 4 on me for my primary, maximum. How long are the games you play?


Honest question, I think it highlights how much the type of field you're playing at (and the way said field is run) can affect the kind of gear you need to field.

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It varies. 4-8 hours. Any less than that and the length is measured in minutes because its CQB. Anymore than that and I might toss a GP pouch on my belt for a few spare rounds. Or if its 12+ I'll probably be re-stocking out of my assault pack that would be left at a base/respawn. But I normally have a full 470rd speed loader and some loose ammo anyway. I just prefer movement over accuracy by volume. In addition to the types of fields I think how you play factors in a lot too. Some guys here carry a ton of magazines not because they use them all but because they hate to reload them during a game.

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As I probably won't find a cheap PRC-126 radio anytime soon I guess my RACK is finished for the time being. :P The RACK is what I use when playing with my XM8.




From left to right


3 x M67 fragmention grenades

1 x 1 qt canteen

4 x 50 round G36 magazines

1 x Motorola Saber

1 x 1 qt canteen


Might buy the leg bag but not sure..

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