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Pictures of your Chest Rigs

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not sure were to post this as it is sold as a Chest Rig but it can carry (some) plates and it is OD...


Anyway, here is my WAS Warrior Centurion Combo MK 1


frontbofo.th.jpg backxl.th.jpg komplettk.th.jpg


Have been running this for about 6 month now in a slightly different setup as on the picture. Put parts are still the same:


1x WAS Large Admin Panel

1x WAS Foldable Dump Pouch

1x WAS Small Horizontal Molle Pouch

1x WAS Double Molle Pistol Pouch

1x WAS Single Molle Pistol Pouch

1x WAS Cargo Pack

1x Eschenbach Monofold pouch (+Monofold)

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Felt bad for bringing people to have a go at Airsoft and having no tac gear to lend then so I whipped up a cheapo chest rig and way too pleased how it turned out. Viper VX buckle up rig - £28 Wynex

Jaeger and Tarzan rigs plus a Czech bag for more frags and whatnot.  

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If I knew exactly I'd of found it by now. Probably better off having one built for me from scratch at this point. :unsure:


I still do love the Mayflower UW but hydration ends up being an issue because the extra straps end up annoying me or snagging my sling.


So yeah, either a custom hydro carrier and harness for the UW or a rig built from the ground up would work best I suppose...

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If I knew exactly I'd of found it by now. Probably better off having one built for me from scratch at this point. :unsure:


Try giving a ring to Head On Tactical, a Northern California-based gear maker. I think they will be able to help you with a custom rig.

Storefront: http://headontactical.storenvy.com/

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/HeadOnTactical?ref=ts&fref=ts

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Another all-in-one rig like my LBB, but lighter and more versatile: 



Phalanx type 4 with TAG bib, Fight Light pouches, KYWI inserts, GG lightweight assault pack, Source hydration.  Open top pouches for four+two AR or AK mags and four pistol mags.  The holster is a replica Springfield mounted to a Safariland MLS accessory fork; I've ordered an XDM compact to keep the bulk to a minimum, but it works fine with the full size.  




The pack acts as a rear harness thanks to ITW split buckles, split ladders, and QASMs.  Also shown is the BFG tourniquet holder:  elastic straps on a plastic backing instead of the Cordura one shown in photos.  




I'm using one of the TAG pouches that come with the rig as a FAK, soon to be replaced by an ITS trauma pouch.  

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gives a whole new meaning to door kicking.


but in all seriousness, the blackhawk rigs with those RIS rails were meant for QD rail accessories like torches because blackhawk doesn't make serpas that accommodate torches. that and i have also seen mag/tool/light pouches that mount to those rails.


EDIT: i just went back to see the picture, not blackhawk, but my reason still stands true.

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