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Night Vision Devices

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Would that ENVIS fit on a PVS-14 head/helmet mount J arm?


You mention it is off centre on the weapon mount, but perhaps the adjustment on a headmount would negate that?


we have about 4 of these in the team, various mounts etc have been tried, including a PVS14 set up on a mich, it ends up sitting wrong, you have to have the helmet canted , which makes it rather uncomfotable, ill see if i can grab some pics from a team mate with it on.


EDIT. got a team mate coming over with his and helmet mounts,ill try and get some pics up for you Ubar

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Cheers for the info guys, I guess i'll leave the gen 1 stuff for now then. Maybe I could pick up some second hand Gen2 stuff for a similar price?


But for how little use they would get (10 times a year at most?) I cant really justify spending 4 figures on them Im afraid :(


Like I said before, Gen. 1 will do just fine for airsoft use as long as you make sure to get a well made device and understand and accept it's limitations.

IMHO a well made Gen. 1 device is better than no NV, but your eyes adjusted to the dark are better than a poorly made Gen. 1 device.


If you can live with a maximum target identification distance of 100 meters, having to use an IR illuminator most of the time, and having to occasionally adjust the eye piece for focus at different ranges than you'll have a lotta fun with it.


It can be a whole heck of a lot of fun to use, and you do feel really cool when using it, but Gen. 1 isn't going to give you the major tactical advantage that Gen. 2 or 3 will.


In short, if you want to feel awesome and have a little tactical advantage than a quality Gen.1 device will do just fine. If you want to actually be awesome and have a major tactical advantage than save your money for Gen. 2 or 3.



Lastly, I would generally avoid buying any NV device used unless it's from a very reliable seller you know and trust and they will transfer over whatever warranty plan they have on the device to you. Even a "cheap" well made Gen.1 device will set you back $300-$700 and the tubes in these devices have a limited lifespan. Eventually they will wear and out and when they do you'll want to be sure that you can send the device in somewhere for service and repair. If well taken care of you should get many many long years of use out of your device, but these devices to have to be cared for properly and when buying used you have no assurance that the previous owner has not exposed the lens to daylight or done any other such thing that could drastically shorten it's lifespan and visual quality.



But enough of my rambling, I think you get the point.

A good Gen.1 device can be a whole lotta fun to use and more effective on the field than no night vision at all, but a poorly made Gen.1 device is far worse than just using your eyes after they've adjusted to the dark.

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Well he bumped the price up to 2300. I cant afford that. Any body want em?

That's still a good deal. If I hadn't already bought my ITT Pinnacle Gen3+ Night Enforcer PVS-14s ... I'd be very interested. If anybody were thinking about buying a PVS-14, I highly recommend getting that used one.

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