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Night Vision Devices

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Quick question for you guys running PVS-14s that I could use some help with.

" Is the ITT sacrificial window ANSI Z.87 rated?"

I ask this because I'd like to find out if the sac window for the PVS-14 will stop BB hits or not. I love the Gen 2 D300 MS but I'm thinking of upgrading to a ITT PVS-14 in the next few years and this is one of the main things I've been wondering about.

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Thanks for the info skyler!

I guess the other thing I'm wondering then is if the lens in the sacrificial window is removable? I've made lots of lens protectors for airsoft optics by cutting out disks of clear polycarbonate from ANSI Z.87 rated shop masks and fitting them to the devices. So I'm wondering if it would be possible to remove the original lens from the sac window so it could be replaced with something that will hold up to BB hits?

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i got to mess with one before i left AD and i must they they are FUN lol but they weigh just a little bit heavier than a pvs-7 which is not bad at all for all the features its got built into it. the helmet mount is pretty cool too, made by norotos inc

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Issued, no clue. I played with them for PEO. That said, the ones we were playing with were rubberized or something. At one point we even were instructed to bang them into the conex farm as we crept around playing ninja at 3am. They held up ok but we nuked two of them from horrible misuse. Not sure what was going on but the impression I got was that they're working on constant improvements.


Oh, and - thermal vision of your battle pissing in the woods is childishly amusing.

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Sadly they'll probably never be allowed to be purchased by civvies due to the fact that they have some form of thermal tech integrated into it. If it were under 6Gs, I'd consider it.


How's the overlay between IR and thermal? Looking at the videos it appears there's some kind of minute delay between the two as the thermal tries to digitally catch up. Also, is the thermal still not full frame (only a small rectangular overlay within the IR's full ocular view)?

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