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chris u'5

Airsoft Buddy

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have u opened a dispute in paypal?


I paid with my credit via the AB shop system. Basically, my card went straight to his Paypal, but bypassed mine. Just like buying something at a store. Its between Mastercard, and his Paypal. It would be alot easier if he would just process the damn refund instead of making me go through the fraud department. But hey, if he wants to play against Mastercard and take it to a criminal level, so be it.

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Well after many weeks of waiting for my order. A lot of emails trying to get updates, raising a PayPal dispute and then posting several more messages I have finally had to escalate this to a full claim.


I can't say I will ever be using AB again, they have had many more opportunities to resolve the issue than most customers would allow.


As of this time I have reversed my recommendations to friends, and cannot recommend AB to anyone else at this time based upon my own experience.


I am very sorry it has reached this stage after such a positive start.

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Dear ALL,


I'm really sorry to all affected customers. Due to I need to manage my job at day time, and operate AB at night. So it may cause many problems. Such as reply emails, order process, pack up for orders, ship out orders and reply tracking emails. Maybe I didn't work hard enough with you guys. But please give me a chance to do better for you all.


It's really hard to maintain a day time job and AB at night. So I've already resigned my day time job and 100% to place my time to AB. I hope this may help to speed up my response time to all of your emails, orders and tracking emails. And may improve our services to all of you.


From the buttom of heart, I would to say "Sorry" for anyone who affected by my slow response before time.



Airsoft Buddy

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I got your email, and PM, regarding my refund. You said that you refunded to Paypal, but the Paypal service letter says that its going back onto my card. I called and checked all of my balances and its not on there yet. I'm going to give it a few more days to see what happens. I'm assuming that it just needs time to process back onto my credit card.


I'm sorry that you've been having a hard time sorting things out... but with the times being what they are, people need to know what has happened with their money. Most people here in the US are scared to even spend money, let alone be worried that they have been ripped off by an online merchant.


Just make the time to reply to people, and keep on track with any promises you make, and you'll see quite a turn around in the response that you receive from your customers.


I'll be in touch with you in a few days to verify that I've received the refund. I'll let you know either way, just to rest your mind on it as well.



Take care,



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William at AB has now contacted me personally by email to apologise and has refunded my PayPal account in full. :)


Since he has some parts I do want to order I hope the situation continues to improve in this way so my confidence can be renewed.

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Hello all, i'm new here. And I have already a problem :D


Yesterday, I receive my M4, ordered to Airsoft-Buddy, but the upper-receiver was broken...


I have contacted Airsoft-Buddy. They propose me to send them the broken Upper, and to send me one for replacement.


But the shippement fees are about 80$ to send the upper to Honk Kong. And the shippement fees for the replacement part are 33$. All fees are for me. Airsoft-Buddy don't propose me any commercial gift, like free shippment or something. :(


So the shippment fees are greater than a new upper reiceiver... !


The package was in good condition. I don't think it happens during transport... The gun must be fallen on the ground... :(


What do you think ?







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Normal procedure is for the retailer to refund the return shipping costs to you.

You will have to pay the initial costs and then either send the receipt with the damaged goods or send the receipt to him at a later date.

Once the retailer receives this receipt he will either refund the money to you or provide you with store credit for the amount.

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Dear Mathieu,


Yes, you need to pay for the shipping from us to your side. For the shipping fee

of the upper receiver and the wrench to France by EMS is US$31. For the wrench,

it's free for you.





Airsoft Buddy



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Well im quite desperat now after dealing with AirsoftBuddy. :unsure:

And not reciving my order despite having payed for it.


They also do not answer my mails.

So my last resort is to try here!


I orderet a WE. Co2 GBB M4A1 around 11 juli and a RIS & Magpull grip from AirsoftBuddy/


The RIS was out of stock, but no info here on the homapage and before i made the order and send the money.

So i had to wait until 18 august before the packet got shipped off.

Well ok... <_<

I then made an agrement with William personaly! that he must send the packet with FedEx and NOT! HongKong post or any otheres, cause they will after arival to my country (Denmark) hand it over to locak postal company after custum inspection.

Post Denmark as it is called here, has a policy that they do not handle ANYTHING weapon relatet, thet also include airsoft weapons and assesorys.

When they get it after cleared with custums they see what is in the packet, and when weapon relatet, they right away ship it back to the sender.

So i specificaly made an agrement with William that he shuld send with Fedex and he charged me for this SHIPMENT WITH FEDEX! 160 $ :mellow:


By the 23 august i had still not heard anything and recived anything, so i contacted them and first THEN i godt a tracking number.

There i saw this:


Posting DatePosting TimeDrop-off Point18-Aug-200917:01Kwong Wa Street Post Office

Date #LocationDelivery Status18-Aug-2009Hong KongItem posted.18-Aug-2009Hong KongProcessed for departure.18-Aug-2009Hong KongThe item left Hong Kong for its destination on 18-Aug-200919-Aug-2009DenmarkArrived.19-Aug-2009DenmarkPending customs inspection.20-Aug-2009DenmarkIn transit.20-Aug-2009DenmarkNot delivered because of prohibited articles. The item was returned to sender.22-Aug-2009DenmarkDeparted.24-Aug-2009Hong KongArrived.25-Aug-2009Hong KongIn transit.25-Aug-2009Hong KongArrived the delivery office.25-Aug-2009Hong KongItem returned to sender.

He had send it with HongKong post and they hand it over to Post Denmark when it arives just as i told them, and they refuse to handle tha packet when they find out what is in it, and ship it right back.


I didn't pay 160 $ for THAT!!! :angry:


I wrote William and told him, and he said that when they got the packet return, they would ship it off rigth this time with FedEx.


He recived the packet the 27 august and wrote me that he would send it to me again this time with FedEx on the 31 August.


Since then i heard NOTHING from him, i recived nothing! and i have now written more than 5 mails, but get NO reply!!

ONE full month today since last reply and promise of shipment.


I must ask WHY!! dosen't he answer my mails?


Why has i not recived my order that i have payed 630$ for now close to 3 month ago???


The delay when item was out of stock, i can accept and thats what happens! (he could have pointet this out when i send the order!! but well ok...)

That he make a mistake and despite an agrement and something i stated severel of times! and that he agreed to and that I PAYED FOR! do NOT send it with FedEx.

Well rather anoying and stupid! butt i can live with this and a slight delay AGAIN! and forgive this... (as long as i don't have to pay extra shipment for HIS! mistake!!)

But that i am being promised the packet at a specific date and then hear NOTHING (not to mention recive nothain!!) for a whole month! despite several of mails.

That i have a werry hard time to accept and understand! :angry:

This ###### me off.

That is not a way to conduct buisniss and to treat custumors, specialy not after the long wait i have already had! and the *fruitcage*up with shipment!


WHY don't i get my order???

Why dont i get a reply!???

It makes me worry and makes me sligt paranoid and thinking if im being swindlet out of 630$???

Well i don't like to think so??

I hope for some explanation and that it is some mistake?


Going public here is my last option since William do not reply.



So if AirsofBuddy / William sees this?? PLEASE contact me NOW!!!!!!

Michael. Julin / djmj64@hotmail.com


Well this is my expirince so far.


I hope for a resolution SOON!!!!

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Still no reply from William / AirsoftBuddy...

Send of yet a couple of mails these days, but still no answer, neither any answer here to PM. or what i write here.

What do you think foks?? is he cheating me out of 630$ or is there an explanation for this?

What can i do?? :o

Think i will try to contact HongKong Police if i get no response soon :angry:

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Finaly heard something from AirsoftBuddy.

Got this reply to day.


Hi Michael,


Sorry that William is currently on leave for his wedding, and I have no idea on this transaction. Please wait for few more days as William will return to HK by this weekend. I'll request him to revert to you as the highest priority upon his return.


Sorry for any trouble.



Airsoft Buddy


Well hope that something will happen now???


Just a bit odd to promise to send me my order that i payed for long long time ago 27 august and then just NOTHING for 5 weeks :huh:


Now i hope my worrys is unjustified.


But my anger and worrys could have been avoided by ONE litle answer to my mails much much sooner!!

Its ok to have delays and problems and what ever! if i as a custumer is inforemd about it, istead of just silence!!





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Well it's now the 18 okt. and 14 days since i recived the mail about William shuld be back form hollyday and nothing yet! not a word, no packet, and no reply on mails i send them.

I now been waiting 3 full month for my WE. M4. and some assesorys wich Airsoftbuddy all the time have been payed 630 $ for.

I find it amazing that they can treat a custumor like this!? i wonder how long they can stay in buisnins if this is the rule??

I must say that i don't giva a s**t about William goin on hollyday og honnymoon or what ever! I PAYED 630 F*****g $ AND GOT S**T AND NOTHING SO FAR! that is TOTALY unacceptable!!

Its not my *fruitcage* problem! i want what i orderet and payed for or my money back!!

This is the worst i ever expirinced from any dealer/company in all my time ordering airsoft things (or any other things)


I got tired of waiting and orderet a WE. M16/A3 from LandWarrior and recived it after 3 days, and i recived magasines from another HongKong company (Landwarrior was out of stock) after 5 days! so wtah the F**k is AirsoftBuddys problem?????


I wonder if they are goin to send me my order og are goin to F**K me for my money???

I i don't recive my M4 then you and all that has acces to this forrum will know what they done and that can only be bad for buisnis?? så are they complete stupid??

Next i will F*****g start writing this on and all other Airsoft internet forums i can find!


I am extremly angry right now!

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never received my order(600usd m4 and spare parts)

email communication until paypal dispute notification deadline

6 month after still no news and no answer to my email

no word to name this "william"



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GOD DAMN William why the hell don't you reply to my god damn emails???????Why don't you ship us those f***g parts of this f***g group order???????? Makes 5 months now!!! You got 400$ of parts that you have to ship to me and 600$ to Kekedj! And after this all you wanted to be a partner of France Airsoft??? I don't think I'll be able to trust in you again!

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Still no reply on mails from AirsoftBuddy/William.


I have now been in contact with HongKong Police.

And i now recived a complaint/crime raport formula to be filled out and sendt in to them.




I will also now let William/AirsoftBuddy know that i done this and give then a few days to responde.

If still no response after this? i will file a complaint for fraud with H.K. Police.


Don't know how much they will do about 630$ bit it's worth trying ant they apears quite forthcomming and interestet, maby cause HongKong is werry dependet upon forign trade in all forms, big & small?


I sugest all of you who is in the same situation as me does the same.

THEN maby he/they will responde?


Let William know that if he does not reply og ship orders we will take this as fraud and stealing our money and will report it to the Police (H.K. Police)

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Since they(AB) sill don't reply, even when I told them I would contact the HK Police,I sent an Fraud Signalment to the police. They replied to me today, and I told them for the 400$ of stuff AB never shipped to me, as well as the Kekedj's 650$ order that had been "lost" and never reshipped. In addition, I added that there many similar cases, so if you are in the same boat than us, then contact the HK Ploice for Fraud

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Well its now been so long since i heard anything.

And there is absolutly NO reply.

So i assume that William / AirsoftBuddy actualy has swindlet / STOLEN! 630 $ from me!


Watch out AirsoftBuddy is swindlers and thives!!!

I can't see any other explanation??

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