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Navy SEAL Discussion/Pictures

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kit list grundig

Modified woodland bdu+jungle hat

USGI Jungle boots

bhi rigger belt


Alice gear with

LC2 belt

bhi double pistol mag pouch

bhi E&E/medical pouch

eagle ind mk3 holster

eagle ind. LCE harness,Ear Plug Case,Wolf Hook Weapon Sling

eagle ind. multi tool pouch,m18 smoke grenade

3x 30rd magazine pouch+4xm67hand grenade

2xCanteen Covers, 2xCanteens with NBC Caps, Canteen Cup, Canteen Stove/Stand, Strobe Light Pouch (sewn to Canteen Cover)

LC1 small first aid kit


lpu udt


sig p226





Modified woodland bdu

Green Headband

USGI Jungle boots

Black half finger gym gloves



Alice gear with


LC1 belt

Custom M56 harness

3x magazine pouch

2x compass pouch

2x canteen pouch

LC2 buttpack

Bianchi m12 holster with M1425 extender

LC2 pistol magazine pouch

strobe pouch

LC1 small first aid kit


bungee cord






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That's the first time you answered. Srsly. Go back and look. Every other time it was something about being a light recce set up. But get all uppity and defensive. Considering the question was also asked by another person, before me. It's easy to forget some people can only take praise of their pictures.


Agent Hunk i really dig your knowledge in this section. I like your hints and tips. :) Its good to have some people here around who really know something!


But i answered this question in the rig-thread 2 times i think. It IS actually a "light" setup and i do NOT need 8 mags in my rig. (It can get "lighter" when loosing the paca, helmet and stuff) I take your advises quite seriously in fact!

So i put the MBITR in the very left pouch cause its so much more comfy to wear. And btw in this way i got space for 40 mikemike-inlays rounds in my left utility pouch.


Thanks for asking :)

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So whats up with AOR2, is it more like a digital MC or MARPAT without the black digital squares? And how valid would be the woodland RAID + CB gear for Seal DA lookalike? We had to make a compromise between khaki and CB, since we need it for actual PD scenarios, thus using the CB in our enviroments is far better than khaki (open woodland areas). And who makes teh MJK gear, is it closer to CB or Khaki?



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Guys, I'd like to know what you think about a SAW Gunner load out based on Rhodesian Recon Vest-meaning:



2Xm60 pouch


2Xsig mag pouch

2Xfrag pouch

admin panel.


Plus if you have any pictures of such, or similar configuration post them please.

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By winglets, I take it he means the excess material protruding outward next to the shoulder harness.


With that said, what purpose does it actually serve? And is the bib portion wider when the mod is done? It certainly looks larger from my angle.

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