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Decon Frost

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Ive been interested in Airsoft for over a couple of months now. Ive been to an airsoft event and have tryed a lot of replicas.


So now i am looking for my own.


Problem: I want the best , but not at once


See if it was up to me, i would buy a Systema PTW. this because of the trigger, and the construction quality, and the accuracy. But my wife wants to buy a new sweater, and dress, and trowsers, and gloves, and hat, and and and....


So it has to be a bit cheaper.



+/- 500 $

best accuracy

close/medium range combat.

Full Metal


I am visioning myself in the front line, suppressing fire. So a M4A1 would be a nice size.


How it looks doesn't really mater. The most important thing is accuracy.!!!


What have I found:

G&G gr300

VFC 416 (super DX)

Deep Fire M4 7inch MRF-C-CQB

Classic Army M15A4 C.Q.B. Compact SEAL

Classic Army M15A4 R.I.S Carbine



You see these are all medium size replicas.. Something like this is what I need. Now I was hopping that you could point me in the right direction. Is it smarter for me to buy for example the G&G and leave it stock... or should I buy the CA M15 and upgrade all the plastic parts...?


So the main demand i have is "Accuracy"!!!! and nothing else. So pleas give me any information you have on the most accurate replica I can find within/around my budget.



With Kind Regards


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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