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TM P90 Gearbox help


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My mate is trying to dissassemble the P90 gear box for upgrading it with a hurricane kit. But we have hit a dead end. We need to remove the spring in the pic from the white cyclinder, but it wont budge. Can any one point us in the right direction. We also need to take the cap odd the whit cylinder, but dont want to break anything.





Any pointers would be awesome




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IIRC, this is a standard TM cylinder, and you need to grab a pair of grips, put some cloth between them & the piston head, and carefully twist it off. Once you've done that, the metal spacer inside the piston will drop out with your spring. Whether you re-use those parts is then up to what you're doing with the gun next :)

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Just given that a go, the end section spins round but does not twist out. Just spins. Any other tips. THanks for the help BTW

You're doing it wrong.


As has been said, it works like any other TM piston.

The piston head screws through the piston into an alloy weight which also holds the spring captive.

You need to unscrew the head so the weight can come loose and allow you to remove the spring.


It's vaguely possible that the piston head has come loose on the screw so the head is turning without the screw. In this case you need to use a dremel or knife to dig into the piston head until you expose the screw head so you can turn it with a screwdriver.


Alternatively, if the spring is turning when you turn the piston head it means the little lug in the weight has snapped off and you need to wedge something inside the piston to stop it all turning when you unscrew the piston head.

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Ive done loads of them and the vast majority of them won't come off just by griping the piston head. they usually need to have the small plastic plug removed from the face of the piston and then just screw it out as normal. :)

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