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Hurricane 556 HoloSight Review

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Hi, Excuse me my poor english, I'm from Spain.


This is my first review in this forum, if not correct put the post in this section, please Administrator's move to correct section.


Here is my new purchase Hurricane 556 Holosight.


This is a new model, that have a new interesting specifications.


Come into a good box, very protected.




Inside the box have a the unit, microfiber pad, instructions in english and a protective cover.





The Hurricane it's more solid than the olthers models, have a metalic parts and a abs plastic battery cover.


In the left side we have the buttons. Down button, start the holosight in automatic mode, mean that the Hurricane autoadjust the brightness in function off light, great specification when we play with a lot off sun.




The up button start in normal mode. We can adjust the brightness manually. He have 20 positions.


The "NV" button change the color : red or green.


The hurricane work with 2 AAA battery, and when the battery is low, he have a flashing pilot in screen, for notice.


In the other side he have the buttons for adjust the sight.






I make some differents photography, for test the unit in bad situations off light, and the conclusion is excellent for me.


Normal condition off light




Bad condition off light - Front light and rear flash to screen. The red point looks good and very visible





In my opinion it's a good purchase, I think, that only is better the original Eotech bu't it's too expensive for me.


Thanks and best regards

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I pay 155€ (200 $) including shipping and handling to Spain. In Spain is too expensive the Bushnell Holosight, I think it's a best buy in your country and Bushnell is more better than Holosight.



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Yup nice review.


I have the HurricanE 553 in tan and while it was quite expensive (£150) it is by far the best airsoft optic I have owned.

Extremely well made and very sturdy plus it looks great.

So far it has held up perfectly with a GBB rifle.


I'm glad I paid the extra rather buy a few cheaper optics.

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