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STOLEN M249 in Springfield Ohio, USA

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Team Strikers held a training session today, 3/14/09, at Hidden Spring Ranch in Springfield, Ohio. Afterwards, my custom built TOP M249 Para with green painted furnature was left behind near the airfield tower. By the time I returned to recover the weapon, someone (probably an ATVer) stole the gun from the field.


M249 has a OD green paint job with short barrel and PARA STOCK. NO Forward grip, NO Scope. Full stock shown in picture was not installed at time of theft. Box mag is permanently attached to gun. Box mag has custom electronics and battery configuration inside. Gearbox is ProWin (PGC) version 3 conversion. Gun has several obvious and hidden ID markers to prove my ownership. A police report has been filed.


Please watch for this weapon on Ebay, Craigslist, etc to show up for sale. Please contact me directly at hlohio @ fuse.net with any information.


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