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Arsoft Portugal - Request for vote for a new stamp


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The Associação de Jogos do Norte, through his nucleus of Airsoft uses this way to launch a challenge to the entire Airsoft Community for a contest that the CTT (Portuguese Postal Mail ) has launched


“Aqui há selo (There is Stamp here) 2009”-> http: // www.irrequietos.com/aquihaselo


It consists in voting for subjects that the internauts propose so that the most voted stamp can be issued as ` Stamp of the Portuguese Republic `.


Which better way to show to all that we exist and want to recognized as a sport?



We appeal therefore to all to pass and spread the word for your vote


http: // www.irrequietos.com/aquihaselo/competition.aspx


Tema (Subject): airsoft

Autor (Author): paulo jorge lopes teixeira


We are going to try to put a massive vote to airsoft....


` Airsoft - Sport of the Future ... `



Thank you all


For Airsoft … always…


AJN - Nucleus of Airsoft

Paul Jorge (PJ)

Marco Dias (Brutus)

Filipe de Almeida (Phoenix)



P.S. I appeal to the union friends .. it is in the best interest of ALL..


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Sorry, but, ain't more far important to have a change into the actual laws regarding (or *fruitcaging*) airsoft in Portugal? (Tradução sem São Google (translaction in portuguese without Saint Google): Me desculpa, mas não é mais importante mudar as leis que lidam (ou *fruitcaging*) com o airsoft em Portugal?), afterall, is a little problem when you put que airsoft in media....


(sorry about the bilingual post, sometimes better explain yourself in the mother language)


See ya! []'s

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Well guys we appretiate any support on this matter! (votes we need!)


This contest as 2 steps, this one the first 10 passes to the second one, after that we will be submiting the stamp for vote, and we hope you´ll help then also, it will be a world first a airsoft stamp! Who wins with this? All of us!



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Hey guys,


Remember when we ask for help?


No we the portuguese airsoft players need more help.


One of our stamps are in 2nd place and need more votes.


Please, give us a small help:







width=150 height=130http://img21.imageshack.us/img21/9294/selo1bcopy.th.jpg[/img]





Thanks for your help.




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