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1911 Picture Thread

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Ok, I found the hole where the screw is supposed to be. But, naturally no screw and the hole is not threaded. However, I checked the Colt Rail Gun slides and they also have the hole but no screw. It appears KWC are now driving a pin from the inside of the slide up into into the sight post through a second hole and it a real tight press fit or glued. Who can figure.

Decided to lock tite it down and see if it will hold. Now here is where the KJW system of a screw from the outside top of the sight going into the slide is the better deal.

Re-assembled the pistol in the new "new" two tone format and it does look pretty sharp. I have to agree that these KWC's are pretty good, my KJW MEU is a bit better, but only after a boat load of upgraded parts.

Thanks for the assist..again!

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That's very similar to mine. 


Two tone rail gun, threaded barrel, grey magpul grips and x300 light.

I'm sure I posted it a while back.

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My TM springer with a few metal gbb parts added and s70 grips with the baby. Colt Junior WE gbb KY Airsoft trademark version with my home made grips. Next to make some 1911 grips.


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AW Custom Springfield V10 GBB pistol with custom engraved markings from QRF and hex head grip screws (waiting on torx screws) :) 

Also quick FYI while it is possible to make RS Hogue grips fit on this, it was a PITA to get the screw holes and bushings fitted (like, pop out the metal bushings from the original grips, Dremel the sh*t out of them, Dremel out the inside of the grip and hot glue the custom bushings etc. and the grip doesn't really line up properly when installed...)

Just a quick preview test shoot with my improved light setup with 6 ring lights instead of my original 3.

Fun back story about how this came to be over here: 




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Another little un.   Had this Prime SIS Ultra kit in my projects stash for years, finally got around to gettin Negative Airsoft to build it for me on an old WA Kimber Parts gun I had.  Was hardest WA Build he's ever done apparently, partly down to old knackered donor gun and partly down to kit.  It loos lovely but design is very poor.  Where the SIS is cut into slide the remaining metal is way to thin and infact can me flexed with finger tip.  Anyway great job Luke thanks a lot.  This one will be a safe queen I think. lol



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