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1911 Picture Thread

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The Kimber Warrior/Desert Warrior were one of WA's first SCW3 guns, released circa December 2005.


oh, didn't know that.


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TM blowback unit and put a full length recoil guide rod to stop the slide wobble.

shoots like a dream now :D


Could you post a pic with the slide locked back some day please? :)

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My new WE Desert Warrior (along with my uniform amongst other things) and a second attempt at photography :blink:




Too lazy to really edit out my last name, probably fix that whenever. Oh yeah and tell me what you guys think of the gun, I really like it so far. Had a little trouble with the propane in the cold at my CQB place but it worked for a round or two.

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will get one tomorrow buddy ^_^

The WE Desert Warrior? Its really a great gun. Barrel isnt threaded though which sucks seeing as everyone advertises that. Ah well ill just buy an after market threaded barrel. According to my oponents its bite is pretty nasty too.

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Was messing about with my 1911 and hicapa 4.3 and this happened






I think it looks rather nice, and it works a treat too!


Bell 1911 (ver2) lower

SD 4.3 slide

SD Blowback unit

Dyna piston head

Laylax Hop

Extended slide stop





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Hi-Capa slides on 1911 frame are always nice to see :)


why do you think I like my WE Desert Warrior :D

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Yeah, The hicapa ambi safety will work on a 1911. A lot of parts are interchangable.


Does that mean the Ambi safety from the hi-capa would fit the 1911 as well? I might have to find a hi-capa and tinker.


Here's my TM 1911, Full Nova and PDI








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Western Arms SCW 2/3 Bob Chow Special Ver. 1.5 custom with Prime metal kit


Bob Chow Special......it's one of those guns that I should have bought along with the metal kit the moment it came out....but I didn't. By the time I'd realised I was being "strong" for no reason - it was too late, they'd sold out.


Years passed then thanks to a second hand sale on the forums I managed to pick up a barely used metal kitted Chow, and it was built on the rarer 1.5 version to boot!


The gun despite loving care had a few minor blemishes and being the ultra fussy type I am, decided that a complete refinish in acid etch primer was in order for the slide and frame. The refinishers used extra acid to bond to the anodised finish.

Whilst the gun was completely stripped, I got my own ready prepped parts to drop in to the refinished slide and frame as well as replace parts with new from stock where necessary to complete the 'new gun' feel.


This particular Bob Chow 1911 was based around a National Match pistol .

Of particular note to this gun is the rounded edges on slide, frame and all major components with a 'melted in' Triangle rear sight which is rounded for a snag free draw and "reholster" ;)

The stippling on the front strap and mainspring housing is also pretty unique.

I also used the opportunity to look at Mr Chows choice of parts and although I like the smoothed edges of the parts, some other items were to be changed out to suit a blended edge snag free type 1911 whilst keeping within the look of the era that I felt were more fitting and aesthetically pleasing.


WA SCW3 Bob Chow Special Ver. 1.5

Prime Bob Chow kit

SCW3 uppers, SCW2 lowers

Commander hammer - in lieu of spur hammer

Scalloped grip safety - replacing the large paddle grip safety

Extended single sided slimline thumb safety to replace Swenson Ambi safeties

Steel chamber swapped for a WA metal alloy chamber

Grip clip removed

Usual internal tweaks, too many to list!








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