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1911 Picture Thread

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I noticed that as well. But I think you might be able to call in and ask for the grips without the thumb recess. But it would be considered "custom" and you wouldn't be able to get a return policy on it.

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KJW should be TM compatible, magazine should be at least. Mixing brand parts will probably have the same issues as always, in theory they should work but in practice it might need some troubleshooting....



I have a KJW 1911 (CO2 ver) and I can fit tm compatible mags (Army), but some internal parts are a bit different to other TM compatible parts, nothing a bit of filing cant solve though



Thanks guys. Much appreciated.

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I got inspired by this thread... So I am making my own grips. I also have another idea, but more of that after I finish with my grips.


Anyway, my favorite gun of all times, second comes the H&K USP -keep up the posts!


<edit> Error on my part...

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It's a TM MEU with the Hurricane Kimber Desert Warrior Kit. The finishing is a bit too shiny but i can live with it.

The weird colour on the last two was due to my poor photography skills.

It was dark already and I lost the diffuser for a light so i had to use the flash on the camera.

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stainless BBU

guarder loading nozzle

prog4 racket valve

prog4 aluminum piston


other upgrades are:

SD stainless barrel

SD stainless chamber (barsto)

Creation Bushing (polished)

prog4 hammer set

prog4 disconnector

prime magwell

action 150% hammer/recoil spring

Anvil steel slide stop

prog4 stainless solid trigger

prog4 stainless trigger bar

RS grip bushing

RS grip screws

RS vz alien grips


I think that's it, this thing should chrono around 360 using green

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That's pretty cool. I might have to copy that. Would love some closeup pics of it. And also, how to do the mod ;)


Most of its either fairly simple, or better to work out your own way rather than do it mine :P


I had a closeup picture a couple pages back (larger version of the picture in the video)




compensator/ muzzle extention:


I just got a plastic tube that was about the same diamater as the outer barrel, cut some slots in it to match the origonal. I painted the cuts to make it look like a tube of aluminium or steel that had been handsawed.

Some of the guns where fitted with Cutts compensators, so you could just use one of those, but I prefer the homeade version



My grip is a thompson grip with the top lenght shortened slightly, it normally screws into a metal plate on the thompson, so i had to fit a metal plate to the frame of my 1911. Without access to anything like the right tools or equipment i simply epoxied it into place, rather than welding. I'm not 100% confident about how strong it is.

Some of these guns had custom shaped grips, so you could craft your own, that you would make to fit the 1911 frame better.



unfortunatly i don't have any long mags, yet. I'll be getting the TM 10 round mags as soon as they come out.





Of corse all the above applys only if you are replicating the same guns that I am, as used by several US gangsters in the 1930s. The guns where made by one Hyman S Lehman, if you wanted to know :P.





There is a right way and a wrong way to do the full auto mod.


The right way:

you need to do a lot of fitting and filing, shaping different parts so that when the slide comes home, and the trigger is sill pulled, the disconector slips up into its respective slot in the slide, tripping the sear.

This is EXTREEMLY difficult, and i botched mine, never managing to get it working.


The wrong way:

Cut the disconector so that it never moves. There are two points that move it, one is the notch in the slide, cut the top of the disconector so it does not inteface with the slide. The second is the hammer, cut the peg of the hammer so it does not interface with the disconector.

The problem with this mod is that when the trigger is pulled the hammer is always loose, so when the slide comes backwards the hammer will fall into the BBU. To solve this you need to short stroke the slide by enough that the hammer dosn't fall into the slide, and then cut a new slidelock.

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In fact I had to change some parts :D


The threaded barrel come from madbull, the recoil spring guide swapped to a spartan doctrine, ambi safety is guarder (the one that comes with the gun wobble on the right side)

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