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RWA Nighthawk steel 1911 with machined rs Heinie tritium sights, stainless threaded insert (to match this two tone oddness), grey Magpul grip panels!  

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I like it - but what's that mag release on the reference photo?


Thanks :)

It was a design by Charlie kelsey (who owned the Devel Corp and built the 12 Gammon pistols), which allowed easier mag ejections to be done under stress in IPSC matches. Its very similar to the AIP paddle mag catch but with a far bigger paddle. I will be, in the future, fitting a custom built one to look like the Devel one but for now its staying with the Guarder version.

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Very cool build. For a lasting paint finish, you mght want to try Cerakote Satin Aluminum, Savage Stainless, or Satin Mag. There's a few airsofters in the UK doing really good Cerakote work right now. After all that hard work, you may want to hit one of them up for the ultimate finish.


So after seeing bradnuts's Nighthawk Talon, it motivated me tonight to finally get off my butt and install the Nova LAV Magwell that I've had in a parts bin for over a year. I ripped out the T.S.C. Main Spring Housing/Magwell that I had since buying the gun (the T.S.C. felt cheap and had a horrible glossy and uneven finish). I wish the Nova was a better color match to the rest of the kit, but it's definitely an improvement. If I have the time I may round out the lower back of the magwell to be more like the 1 piece Nighthawk Magwells. If I do that I'll probably get the Magwell redone in Cerakote Graphite Black. I still need to get the 10-8 rear sights and recrown the barrel.







(apologies for the meh iPhone pics)


Couple other observations ... the Airsoft Surgeon hex-head grip screws are pathetic. I have several sets and I've broken the heads of a few. Very poorly designed/executed. Also, when thinking about how far I should cut the front of the outer barrel back to be flush with the bushing like a RS Nighthawk barrel, I notice the outer barrel has a little bit of play forwards and rear ... about 0.75mm-1mm of movement when in battery. Is this normal?

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uscm, I have the same dilema. My barrel also has a little but of play, so i'm not sure where i want to crown the barrel. If I make it too short, the barel would be inside the bushing. Too long, and it would stick out. I'm trying to find a wat to take out that "slop" in the barrel when the gun is in battery.


Also, I know you have been wanting the switch out your sights. Yes, the Detonator 10-8 rear will fit, but if you also want a tritium front, look for a front sight with a Heinie cut dovetail. I've found that would either be a wilson combat, or Heinie sight. The dovetail dimensions should be .60" x .300" x 060" My talon has a Heinie, while my operator has a wilson. The Heinie fits better than the wilson.

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My bureau model nova kit does not have any play in the barrel when in battery. So it is snug, and yet, the gun has functioned fine since I built it. The excessive play in the talon, as well as my operator is not necessary for the gun to function correctly. So it is unfortunate that is is there.

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