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RWA Nighthawk steel 1911 with machined rs Heinie tritium sights, stainless threaded insert (to match this two tone oddness), grey Magpul grip panels!  

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Nice work Squad, they turn out well, that's an amazing cerakote job on the Tac Entry, makes the hurricane kit look like a nova kit.

Hey Icolater,


The Cerakoting turned out better than expected alright, but I wouldn't recommend it for anything of lesser quality than a Nova/Shooters Design/Prime/PGC aluminium type kit.

The Hurricane kits are a bit of a mixture, I'm not too sure what, but any flaws will become apparent after sandblasting, there are a few marks on the frame of the TEII which I carefully hid for the sake of the photo.

So I'd recommend Cerakoting for small parts especially,like marked Nova/Anvil parts, changes of colour to aluminium kits, refinishing well worn aluminium kits, but getting anything of lesser quality done could be opening a can of worms and best left alone.

Out of all my 1911s I thought only two were candidates for Cerakoting, the Kimber Warrior as the RS has a glossy black KimPro finish compared to the more matt black/grey of the Nova kit, and the TEII as with it being my favourite Hurricane kit, I wanted to get the colours closer to the RS.



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how do such coatings wear with use? holster wear etc


or rather as they wear, does the rif look more like a well used firearm? rather than a metal bodied replica with the paint chipping off (a la WE)


for me, until TM produce a colt commander variant i guess im just goin to have to stick with this simple conversion, as i can not afford a nova kit right now : (((  




however seeing as this set up is all tm original parts, although not necessarily in the correct gun (apart from the wood grips) im not scared about using/abusing it in pursuit of a little fun


first day out in this format yesterday, already managed to get 1 'elimination' with it : )))) 

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why thank you, although seeing as they're mostly all standard TM parts i cant claim any credit for customising them, well except for a bit of sanding and fitting here and there.


the detonics is a few yrs old now and has been carried a lot as my secondary, slightly modded along the way with the addition of a tight bore barrel and a  1911a1 trigger and i've also ground down the magazines baseplate lip so that it's more comfortable to grip, with nothing digging into any fingers. in that pic the detonics has a mag in it but u can not see the small protrusion at the lower front as its been ground away.


the mkIV series70 frame is quite well used but the 4.3 hicapa slide is almost new, of course as they're all standard TM parts im guessing they'll work well enough together for quite a while. its been fired several hundred times now in that format with no malfunctions except the occasional failure to lock open on an empty mag. 


next acquisition will probably be a ring hammer of some type but im not in any hurry, 

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Costa Recon 1911


This is a Tokyo Marui based kit released by Ocean Custom Tactical (OCT-Japan), it is made by Prime/Nova and then later Cerakoted and Laser-Engraved in Japan.

If you held out until the very end like me you might of got it at a discounted price, as the original full price of $800 was well beyond a lot of people including the Japanese collectors.


LMK if you ever want to part with it. ;)

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Nice NC GRP Kenxin :)


Here are a few boring comparison shots for the more easily amused ;)


They show the difference between the original small parts on my Kimber Raptor and the later Cerakoted parts.

Originally when making the build, I was a bit short on parts so had to use a Hurricane SIS-type grip-safety and standard TM 3-hole trigger in black,

these were later replaced with a Nova grip-safety and Anvil trigger in Stainless Steel Black, most of the Nova parts had varying amounts of surface marks,

which seems to be the norm now, I actually photoshopped some marks out of the original photographs to make them less distracting and more pleasant on the eye ;)


At a later stage I decided to get all my surface-marked Nova parts Cerakoted by Riflecraft in Norfolk, just to give The Raptor the finishing touches it deserved :)


(First Shot : Original Nova/Hurricane/TM parts Second Shot : Cerakoted parts)

















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Love you work squad, the wise man of 1911 Christmas bringing us gun porn gifts! 


I have sent all my Nova kimber parts to rifle craft for cerakoting, so my lapd swat will look AMAZING when it returns, I have also sent the inner frame to be cerakoted graphite black just for the crack, I really hope it doesn't cause fitting problems but I don't think it will.


Anybody got any allen key grip screws they want to sell me?

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My dad is a huge 1911 fan. I keep sending him these pictures and he is absolutely amazed. I'm tempted to see if there are any kits similar to one he owns, grab it when he's not looking, copy it as close as possible, and then put them back next to each other.


Awesome job, Squad. Please keep them coning.

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