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1911 Picture Thread

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RWA Nighthawk steel 1911 with machined rs Heinie tritium sights, stainless threaded insert (to match this two tone oddness), grey Magpul grip panels!  

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I bought one from here and one from the Umarex Boys Club forum buddy.

Shame these are not more widely available.


When I blasted these off, the castings are better than virtually any other factory metal gun I've seen - and I've worked on a lot!

Really impressed with these Army guns so far. bargain at the price....

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I also have one but yo be honest the metal isn't that good...

I've seen quite a few with broken slides...






Only seen one broken slide so far and that was user inflicted.

Obviously, you can only go by personal experience and at the price point I'm quite impressed.


Price point in mind, these are deffo worth a punt.

Nice to shoot as well, quite accurate and very punchy blowback.

TM compatible is always a big plus..

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Eh for the £80 I have seen them at in the UK that can't be bad, plus I only run 144a and Ultra so less likely to be strong gas inflicted issues.


Plus the old Army Detonics I had was fine once it was fed some Ultra, good ammo and a TM mag.



Give them a go mate, sure you'll be reasonably happy. Better than WE (which I know you kinda love to hate..) - although I've not given my (which may be lengthy ) reply on those yet - sure you'll look forward to it....... :D...or possibly not.

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I have given the shop a shout, they got back to me almost instantly. Then I went to click buy after checking my account and oh look the council took out money about two weeks too early, before I am due to pay it on the first of the month (December that is).


Ah well I am sure I can spare £86 all in for it. PPK/S can just be put back on sale :D.



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Nice work squad, they look amazing as always, that nighthawk custom's cerakote finish is beautiful and the bumper mag plate finishes it of perfectly, you should do your usual build up to Christmas with a gun a day from December 1st onwards, maybe a new thread so you can show different gun types on the same thread.

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