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1911 Picture Thread

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RWA Nighthawk steel 1911 with machined rs Heinie tritium sights, stainless threaded insert (to match this two tone oddness), grey Magpul grip panels!  

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I absolutely love that two tone Prime/WA Kimber Ultra CDP buddy! Would give an arm and a leg for it! If you ever decide to sell it you know who to call! 

Well Nova had plans on releasing Ultra Compact size handguns for Marui at the end of this year,

but plans change very fast when public demand is factored in :(


Maybe when the SAI and ZEV craze has eased off, things will get back to normal.

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Also kwa have the 1911 PTWs. There are 4 to choose from two kimbers, a custom ii and a warrior and two SAs one railed one not. No trades marks unfortunately but damn well made if you ask me. But unlike the kjw they are not marui comparable. But I really like how well they are made and they shoot well.

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Too many nice guns in here...


What's the go-to brand for a metal railed 1911 these days, at a reasonable price?

Depends and how much you want to pay and what's available at present.


PGC kits are currently available again, but I'm not sure of railed 1911s though.


Nova have been very quiet for the last 18 months due to commitment to other items of interest.

But that should be changing in the next few months with some new releases due shortly.


I'm expecting at least 10 kits of one particular 1911 within the coming weeks.

Can't say what but it smaller than normal and very in-vogue ;)


If interested PM me :)

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Here is my baby love


Everything that could be upgraded has been upgraded:

- TM 1911a1
- NOVA Kimber S.W.A.T. Custom II Slide
- NOVA Kimber S.W.A.T. Custom II Frame
- Stainless Kimber chamber and outer barrel
- NOVA Kimber Steel Slide Stop
- NOVA Kimber Steel (ambidextrous) Thumb Safety
- NOVA Steel Magwell
- NOVA SS Barrel Bushing
- NOVA SS Recoil Rod
- ProG4 Sear
- ProG4 Valve knocker
- ProG4 Steel Trigger Stirrup
- PDI Skeletonized Hammer
- PDI Steel Hammer strut
- Airsoft Surgeon Steel Disconnector Set
- Airsoft Surgeon Rubber recoil buffer & washer set
- PDI W rubber

- TK Twist inner barrel

- Nineball Piston Head
- Guarder oil-quenched recoil spring (150%)
- Guarder oil-quenched hammer spring (150%)
- Shooters Design Loading Nozzle
- 3 hole trigger with over travel adjustment screw
- Nitesiters Tactical Glow sights
- Custom hop up assembly with ILLusion internals'

- RS Kimber grips









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