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1911 Picture Thread

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RWA Nighthawk steel 1911 with machined rs Heinie tritium sights, stainless threaded insert (to match this two tone oddness), grey Magpul grip panels!  

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True, nothing beats a smooth, straight to the rear pull, about the only thing I have found that gives me the same in a 'modern' gun is my TM USPc and HK45 and they are still not perfect.


And here is my current 1911 pair for indoor games, using the Detonics as an off hand backup which works well:





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The Bell works pretty good now that i changed the rubber and barrel. Didn't like the original colour either so I repainted it. The lower trades was so crappy so I covered them as well. The grips was very badly done so I replaced them, they contained metal weights as well so the total weight was reduced. Mags are leak free and there are plenty of spare parts...

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Looking good. Hows the zeke slide? Thought about getting one for my hi-capa.

On 1911 piece of cake mate and though these are a tad heavier then Prog4/ Gun Simth bros ones I am used to but works fine with stock recoil spring and haven't even noticed much loss in terms of gas efficiency neither, just don't be tempted to put AS Surgeon / TK adapter for Capa slide, no need,the slide wobble is less then my older version Nova kits and it causes friction on left side just under chin cuts.


On Capa different story altogether, bought two and other one to built a Kimber Match Ten II on KJ Kp08 frame, though very happy with the built but did needed fair bit of work' this could be because slide being put on a clone but the slide comes with instructions in Japanese and diagrams and it seems even on TM it'll still need fileing to frame.



You need some pearl grips and an Elvis outfit.


Haha,Hogue pearlies on route and time to dig out that Elvis mask and outfit from last halloween.  

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