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1911 Picture Thread

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RWA Nighthawk steel 1911 with machined rs Heinie tritium sights, stainless threaded insert (to match this two tone oddness), grey Magpul grip panels!  

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I was thinking some type of alloy wheel/car paint.  Something deep blue, almost black, glossy.


CNCd aluminum yeah.  I was going to strip off the anodized finish to get a good base.  The project is miles off though so won't happen anytime soon heh.

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I still don't think you'd get the desired effect though.

Umarex came close on their early c02 glossy models. They used a dark grey base with an epoxy clear coat.


One of the only advantages of modding the cheaper cast zinc alloy slides, is that it will polish and blue. However, the finish will wear very quickly. In the past, I've locked it in with a hard epoxy gloss clearcoat. I no longer have pics of the ones I done...


If it's either ally, or the zinc alloy has a higher than usual ally content, when blue is applied, it either doesn't take at all, or you end up with a kind of brown / bronze.

Below is an AA Gold Cup. They use a zinc alloy which has a higher than normal aluminium content, and it goes bronze. I locked this in with a high gloss hard epoxy. It wears really well, but I still can't decide if I like the colour? I done the slide only. The frame is a satin black hard epoxy.





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You're probably right.  I recall discussing paint options with you previously.  A non insanely priced blued 1911 will have to just be something I keep chasing unless I shell out for a Ino heh.


And that finish is pretty cool but I think I would have to see it in natural light.

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I always wanted a .38 Super, and I had to build one my self. WA Wild Hawk slide on a DP frame. Colt Defender controls. Sheriff trigger and MSH. And at the heart of the project, Cobra tapered barrel with metal .38 super chamber.


Still in WIP mode due to the Heinie rear sight not fitting. I guess the dovetail spec is not all the same on SCW. Still not sure about the silver controls.


This gun was originally a Bob chow that was in a house fire 3 months ago. I lost my Colt defender and by the time I found the Chow (in a rubble) it was starting to rust. I bought new parts for it and replaced the rusty and oxidized parts with new ones.


Sadly I lost my pets and been using this project to keep my mind off that.




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