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1911 Picture Thread

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An expensive day today. Well, actually, an expensive day a while ago, but arrived today.



Mafioso Hardballer Long Slide full kit.

Clone Detonics with King Arms steel Kimber slide. To be more fully upgraded as time progresses.


Both not without problems.

Having a hammer problem with the Hardballer (http://arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/index.php?/topic/216638-mafioso-hardballer-long-slide-problems/)


The outer barrel that comes with the Kimber slide binds when the slide is in battery. Works perfectly with the stock Detonics barrel. I'll need to file down the tab on the outer barrel that interacts with the hop up unit (can't remember the actual name of the part)

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RWA Nighthawk steel 1911 with machined rs Heinie tritium sights, stainless threaded insert (to match this two tone oddness), grey Magpul grip panels!  

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I ended up solving the Detonics/Kimber barrel issue with less than 10 seconds of filing of the barrel. Appears to work now. Going to order a whole bunch of bits to finish it off. Especially a steel hammer. As the stock Chinese pot metal hammer is looking in quite rough shape despite me only hand cycling it, and firing about 1 mag through it.


Wolf, for a lot of helpful information on the Mafioso kit, see the thread I linked to in my earlier post.

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Hey Wolfgeorge it looks great!


I love my mafioso Kimber stainless. Considering a Cerakote job to make it more real. My RA trp should come soon. I'll do a review, a better one then my last!!


Hey blob face what did mafioso say when you messaged him?


Did you file the little ramp part that interacts with the hop housing Danr?

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Did you file the little ramp part that interacts with the hop housing Danr?

Yes. Just a tiny bit of filing on the forward horizontal part


Edit, so as not to double post: Wolf, investigate trigger over travel. I had some grip safety issues similar to what you describe when the trigger was traveling too far. Went away after I added my trigger spacer.

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Do you use some kind of polishing on them to make them so shiny? In my experience, brass tends to be a fingerprint magnet  :P


Well I polished the Gold Cup a couple months ago..

If you see the photo's with the other 2 V12's .. the V12's are not that shiny.. that's because they haven't been polished in a while

Brass needs polishing every year or so.. if you mess with the guns too much then they need polishing sooner!



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WA based Prime brass Colt 1911 Commemorative

This is a brass kit factory chromed, when I got the kit the chrome had chipped in some places, so I sent it for rechrome.
The end result is phenomenal, it's like a mirror .. so shiny.

But something came up and I'm forced to sell it :(



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