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1911 Picture Thread

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Just to pass on alittle custom job ive done recently regarding sights...


If you own a Marui VSR sniper rifle or know someone who does, They will usually dispense with the iron sights and fit a scope, sooo here's a neat way to use the now none used, rear iron sight:



Alittle bit of cutting and sanding is all that's needed, oh and a screw that fits the thread in the blowback housing...simple.

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RWA Nighthawk steel 1911 with machined rs Heinie tritium sights, stainless threaded insert (to match this two tone oddness), grey Magpul grip panels!  

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Ive always loved Kimbers(Kinbers in airsoft xD), also, more pics, Holmes =P


I will for sure once I get another shoot up and running. My Kimber is my only gun right now (ICS MP5 and M4 are long gone), and with my recent photography hobby, I've just realized how much fun it is to get closeups of.

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Repainted. Bake-on hi-temp paint apparently works wonders durability-wise (used as cheap substitute for alumahyde or duracoat for real guns). But paint manufacturers really shouldn't label their cans "flat black" if they aren't truly, well, "flat". <_<


Looks like its been held by some galoot with big, burly, sweaty mitts.

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Got some new pictures of my Marui MEU. So far:



Guarder Springfield metal body kit

Guarder 150% recoil spring kit

PDI 6.01 6-inch inner barrel

Creation metal outer barrel

PDI 14mm- silencer attachment

G&G SS-100 silencer



Also, has anyone had experience with the PDI 14mm silencer attachment? It stays put after tightening the 3 little screws, but it always comes loose and slides right off when I fire the gun or rack the slide. Any advice?



(excuse the greasy look, since I had just finished installing everything and was so excited to take a picture :) )




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True, but why do we need to see a 1200x1600 picture of a gas fill valve on a china pistol?



lol I have been running into a lot of elitist folks like you when showing my Chinese made clone. If you want to spend $300 on a fake gun that is made in Japan, congrats and good for you. But note: most people have better places to put money like that, especially in US, where you can get a Springfield GI for $400.


That goes for others here too, go deck out your guns all you want, but don't brag and look down upon Just because it's cheaper. It being made in China doesn't make it any less of a toy than your $300 gun that shoots 6mm plastic bbs.

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i promise to fire up a nikon d40 shot of my 1911s once i get this kink worked out. ive posted on the just handguns topic but i think i could use some help here as well.


instead of reposting and clogging up two threads, ill just leave a link to the thread:




i have some fitment issues with a pgc kit for a TM 1911A1 as expected. if someone could enlighten me on these fixes, thatd be greatly appreciated. thanks guys

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A proper 1911, upgrades are too much to list, so here's what's not upgraded:


Slide stop (have to mod to make it work properly)

Inner barrel assembly (just the unit is stock, the inner barrel is a custom cutted PDI 6.01 along with CP custom rubber)


Everything else on the gun is be upgraded, this thing shots 365 FPS using just green and 0.20bbs.





God I love the Ed Brown's memory grip safety:



thanks for looking

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