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1911 Picture Thread

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RWA Nighthawk steel 1911 with machined rs Heinie tritium sights, stainless threaded insert (to match this two tone oddness), grey Magpul grip panels!  

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Fantastic looking 1911 there 'Seraphein' outstanding B)

More pics please :P


How did you find Nova parts for fit? Ive found them to be sloppy and loose :angry: Though im not using metal frames and slides.



Thank you!


I actually find them to fit quite perfectly. No wobble whatsoever... but if you don't use metal frame and slide that might be the problem as their products are tailor made for each other. I always think it is best to stick to one manufacturer as far as possible, for that exact reason. That way you're guaranteed a perfect fit. So, go get one of their conversion kits now :)

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Question for you 1911 experts. What model of Safariland would i need to buy if i wanted to mount a Tac light on my TM MEU?

And Do they make them in coyote brown?



Which tactical weapon mounted light, also what method are you attaching to the TM MEU which has no mounting rail. Safariland doesn't make coyote brown, but they have a tan which goes okay with coyote brown gear.

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Another **Help me** post i'm affraid.


I'm getting a TM MEU, and would like to install a madbull CCW silencer.

Does anyone know of a 1911/MEU barrel with a CCW tread?

I can't find zip and I would like to avoid adapters.


If i'm finished, i'll post my little project :)


Ps: I'm desperate, as I've searched several sites and this forum as good as I could... just so many 1911 posts >.<

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Highly Customized Springfield TM 1911 (MEU Base)
- LCT Barrel Bushing For Marui 1911 / MEU ( Type 2 / Stainless )
- LCT Recoil Spring Plug & Guide For Marui 1911 / MEU
- KM Stainless Steel Hammer For Marui MEU ( Delta - Silver )
- Shooters Design Steel Chamber (S.A. 45 Auto) For Marui Hi Capa 5.1 Series ( SV )
- Shooters Design 5 Inch Steel Outer Barrel For Marui Hi-Capa 5.1 ( Straight )
- Guarder Enhanced Recoil/ Hammer Spring For MARUI MEU/M1911 ( 150% )
- Stock TM hop up

Tokyo Marui M1911 MEU
- Tokyo Marui MEU 26 Rounds Magazine
- Guarder Aluminum Slide & Frame For MARUI MEU.45 ( TRP , Aluminum Original )
- Nova Slide Stop For Marui 1911A1 ( Serrated - Stainless Steel )
- Nova Grip Safety For Marui 1911A1 ( SFA - Stainless Steel )
- Nova Magazine Catch For Marui 1911A1 ( Checkered - Stainless Steel )
- Nova Safety Lock For Marui 1911A1 ( King's Ambi - Stainles Steel )

Started as TM 1911 MEU,
Fires 300 FPS on winter and summer cybergun gas, fires 340-350FPS on Top Gas




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Oh, and mamba: that's a really nice piece, but pleeease remove the picture with it in the MEU box, it ruins it all :rolleyes:


;) Just showing where it all started. But ya! I shouldn't have put it on the MEU box.


@ everyone Thanks guys for appreciating a piece of art.

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I wouldn't mind getting a closer look at the hammer and the characters on the slide, if possible. Also, are the grip safety and mag release actually gold-colored, or is that a trick of the light?


Very nice pistol! :)

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