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1911 Picture Thread

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OK im a bit of a 'Newbee' to these forums but here goes...


After seeing the 'Heat' Colt commander pics heres my film inspired pistol:


'StreetKings' custom 1911




Customized and made using parts from both TM 1911A1 and MEU. The ejection port on the standard 1911 slide ive lowered and flared , filled and sanded all markings and fitted a new foresight vane. The standard 1911 frame has had added: WE CQB grips, Nineball extended slide lock, a Guarder 3-hole trigger, 4.3 commander hammer (sanded and polished) Tanio Koba grip safety (which was a real pain :angry: as it needs filing/cutting to fit so therefore is not for the 1911 but for the 5.1, take note ;) ), straight mainspring housing by Tanio Koba and an Ambi-safety (sanded and polished) from an old 5.1 i had.






I often visit these forum picture threads to drool :P but am truly humbled by the quality of work you guys spend on your guns, awe inspiring :)


That bomar looks the business, thanks for posting the pics up. Obviously alot of time, hard work and money has gone into it. Nice one

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RWA Nighthawk steel 1911 with machined rs Heinie tritium sights, stainless threaded insert (to match this two tone oddness), grey Magpul grip panels!  

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That bomar looks the business, thanks for posting the pics up. Obviously alot of time, hard work and money has gone into it. Nice one


Thanks 'RockDog', yes it took some time to do and very worrying :unsure: if i got it wrong bang goes a slide!


Money wise it was'nt too bad, as the 5.1 i have since used on another project/spares. Its such a pity that no one does 'Bomar' sights as an accessory, i think they would make a killing :money: Same goes for the 'Novak' sights, maybe copyright infringment is an issue :busted_cop:


Thanks for all the feed back guys :D . I have now uploaded an album of some of my projects old and new ;) .



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RS screws will not fit. I purchased these wilson hex head screws and they did not fit. RS screws are to large. I need to retap mine.


i have a question... i'm about to buy a nova kit for my 1911 but i was wondering if real steel grip screws work with it? the 1911 i have has one screw that's larger because they had to re-tap the thread.


thanks a lot, again.


-Pedro Salas.

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One of my earlier projects that ive recently re-tweaked some what.... :rolleyes:




Had to modify the TM MEU thumb safety to resemble a 'Les Baer' type, a lot of grinding down and sanding involved but I think it looks ok :unsure: .




The slide is a filled, sanded, painted and re-engraved TM 5.1 I had in my spares box, how im going to cut additional cocking serrations fore and aft i have no idea :( The grips are 'Mahogany' hand made.




Pictured below is the 'real steel' pistol the gun was based on...



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Sorry for the low quality pictures, my camera sucks, I would get a new one but I spend too much on airsoft. :P. Just got her tonight, 1911 Desert M.E.U. I am thinking about picking up a Tan m6 and possibly a Tan suppressor (probably the Zombie Killer one.) Though I was joking around I put an m14 suppressor, which was black, it seemed to accent the gun quite nicely, so I might go with black accessories instead, thoughts?

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Another very original project MrManiac. I love how the thumb safety came out. Very nice...


Many thanks 'baias6230' :) As you may have gathered im a total 'nut' when it comes to TM 1911s and im forever tinkering with one or another :rolleyes:

The 'Ed Brown Special Forces' project is now complete and i shall try to get some photos up soon.


'tomo' I love that Wilson combat with the extended recoil spring guide rod :D (I think someone else pointed out previously, it helps stop the slide rattling ;) ).

Pity 'Socomgear' never thought to lower and flare the ejection port when they did their tweaks to what is essentially a 'WE' CQB pistol.




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Don't worry about being nuts about the TM 1911, i am nuts for the TM glocks :huh::P


I really like your 1911 projects and those grips look awesome for hand made grips. Congrats with your projects.


Cheers 'Firefly0' :blush:

Atlast ive found like minded people :lol:


Being a 'Chippy' by trade, the wood is all off cuts from work ;)


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