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1911 Picture Thread

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RWA Nighthawk steel 1911 with machined rs Heinie tritium sights, stainless threaded insert (to match this two tone oddness), grey Magpul grip panels!  

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Decided that grey, black and green didn't make for the best colour scheme so swapped the Night Warrior's grips around for my polymer Colt ones, added the Element light (really good btw) and a PDI 6.01 inner barrel.








Tried adding a piece of ERGO grip tape to the front of the frame but it refused to stick to the rough surface, though luckily it's plenty grippy enough as is.

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@calbur20: The grips are part of the shell. So they are a little flexible, like ABS always is. There is no metal frame inside.


ParaOrd have the wider 2011-grips, I don't think you can fit them in there. The whole shell sits very tight around the gun.

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Sup y'all , I have started a mini project on my KWA NS2 1911 (No after market parts if you didnt know)


But im turning it into the operator from MGS3/4


I have the silencer adaptor sorted just got to sort the rest , But im looking at getting the TM night warrior rail part to add


But before i go ahead and buy it could some one take a picture of the inside of it? So i can see how it attaches to the frame?


Cheeers for any help :)

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Lovin' that Springfield Vainguard! Can I get a parts list?


Quick version:


TM Hicapa Formula Hammer

PDI Trigger

ProG4 Slide Stop

Shooters Design Chamber and Barrel

Springfield Cross Cannoned grips

Proud Stainless Grip Screws

Nova LA Vickers Custom Slide + Frame set

Nova Stainless Beavertail

Nova Stainless Mainspring Housing

Nova Stainless Magazine Catch

Nova Stainless Bushing

Nova Stainless Spring Plug

Nova Stainless Spring Guide

Nova Stainless Thumb Safety


Mixture of PDI, Nineball, Guarder and Stock internals.


It has been a while


My last airsoft project, this will be the crown of my collection.

CL build full steel WA based Tiki




where can i find NOVA kits these days, i checked on Nova's website and they were all sold out.


Redwolf and WGC would be the main places. Tokyo-Model, Boomarms, Dentrinity and Uncompany could track them down for you if you shoot them an email.

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