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IWA coverage by AATV


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AATV has been at the IWA gun show in Nürnberg, Germany. The result: 10 YouTube videos, viewable in HD quality.


ARES PGM and Cheytac M200:


Interview with the boss of Redwolf Airsoft Paul Chu:


Cybergun & King Arms news (Ares Tavor TAR21, Thompson 1928, CO2 GBB pistols, SIG 556, GALIL MAR)


Interview with Redwolfs gunsmith and asian AIPSC star Clarence Lai:


Clarence Lai demonstrates his Tanaka slugshot shotgun:


Classic Army stuff at the Evolution Airsoft show booth (M15A2 blowback AEG, 1911 GBB, M14 EBR, P90 Sportsline, M134, L96 series, Dragunov SVD):


ICS at the Evolution Airsoft show booth (L85A2, Z-M LR300, SIG 551/552):


Airsoft Innovations shows the Spoon Kit and distraction device for the Tornado Airsoft Grenade:


KWA and G&G show booth (USP Match, CZ75, new Armalites, AK47, SIG 550):


Vladimir demonstrates his Smart Control Unit (pimped up MOSFET):


Easiest way to get to get an overview of all videos is by using this link: http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=ScaarAT&view=videos


Btw, if you like the videos, you may want to consider doing a donation @ www.aatv.at, so that AATV can visit other shows and events in the future :)

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I could never understand him. Is anyone else having that problem as well?

I can understand just fine...



The tornado stuff looks cool, as does the tavor.


Some of the booth guys are not very good though, some of them seemed kind of nervous

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recording audio at shows is tough but turned out pretty good. great work gruber, it was awesome working/partying with you.


ps tornado spoons and dd kits are coming along nicely, the aluminum spoon "heads" are undergoing durability testing at the moment and we're very happy with them so far. expect updates reasonably soon, and the accessories this spring. hopefully it'll be a grenade-filled summer for everyone.

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