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Magpul Picture Thread

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Every gun I have gotten from hong kong has had something over the trades. Even licensed ones.



My Magpul/Noveske from Redwolf is fully licensed and I asked them to NOT cover trademarks when shipping, only to put ORANGE flashhider on it. I had ZERO problems with customs and the gun arrived to me in perfect shape with the perfect trademarks.


Licsensed trademarks DO NOT NEED to be covered when the gun is imported. The only thing it must have is the orange fixed tip.





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Quagmired very nice, Love it!

Is the first one that i see with the front handguard from Magpul, and with the body in the same color it's a must, that i really like indeed.

"Simple" and very nice :)



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Fiddle, what is that Surefire mount?


Its actuality an airsoft Dytac five position light mount they are 17.99 at www.ehobbyasia.com and can fit most surfire g3 g2 and 6p lights.


Vicious, have you ever considered ambidextrous mag catches? They are a good investment for any rifle ;)

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I run a setup like that on my gun sometimes, it has a lot to do with the difference between LED and XENON and what/wich pressure switches and diffusers the specific operator can use. ;)


Also like rws591 said if your like me and known at your gun store for somehow busting surefire lights than it is always good to have a second one when your light goes off/down/stolen(hey its happened to me) <_<


EDIT---It is also a good idea to invest in a third flashlight with combat rings that is not weapon mounted such as the surefire G2-Z with a little practice it can be used with your rifle.

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You mean this one, that I posted a while back when trying to decide between an 11.5 and a 16"?




Edit: NVM, found the one I think you were talking about




Though I don't think that guy's haley

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