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Magpul Picture Thread

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thansk buddy.


I thought about a more up to date RAS but that Kings Arms frontset is pretty solid and nice so I think I stick to it.


It's a WE btw that's why I'm pretty limited when it comes to barrels.


But I think I have to spray paint the Halo surpressor. It looks kinda goldish.

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@somegirls - Parts list on your WE? I really like it.


thx, no problem.


-WE M4


- Element CTR Stock clone


- real Magpul Moe grip


- WE KAC style Trigger guard


- WE Anti rotation pins


- Magpul PTS Mbus


- Dragonredairsoft.com micro T-1 clone


- King Arms 10" RAS


- VLTOR style low profil gasblock


- ebaybanned PEQ15 dummy box


- ebaybanned Tango down clone foregrip


- Magpul railcover (can't recall the name right now)


- G&P KAC sytle flashhider




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That's a G&P URX front kit (SR15) with the 16" bbl swapped for an 11.5. The Redimag is ICS, but I had my friend mill out parts of it to make it look like a BFG. Not all the cuts are done yet; I still have to get the side diagonal one done.

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Sorry its a bit of a bad picture, wanted a magpul body but couldn't afford it so had to go for the cheaper option for now (and it came with the wrong markings)




Pmags on the way, haven't put the rails on the handguard as I actually prefer it without.

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