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Magpul Picture Thread

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this is a random question based off your avatar- are you Khmai?


Yes I am :)


Pradal care to link to the ACOG?




EDIT: Is this the one: http://www.rsov.com/index.php?target=produ...product_id=3564


Yes it's this one, nice finish, just replace the mount with an arms or a larue and you're good to go (the one that come with is good too, but fugly imo)

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So the MOE handguard and CTR cheek riser's round edges doesn't seem similar to the AUG's rounded edges? The round edges of the handguard and riser remains me of an AUG. But that's just me and maybe alston.


Yeah i guess it's that. And the FDE shows up a lot from the black too.

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That rifle is absolutly beautiful Pradal-Serey. I really like your older rifle with the Black Magpul reciver to.


thanks, I appreciate that :)


I was thinking about a converting my older magpul custom to a gbbr, but first I need to know how those gbbr behave on cold temperature.

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hey somegirls with suppressor is better in terms of mounting sistem? that or the dytac M4 2000?


Well, the KAC stlye surpressor has a bit of play , but I won't come of at all because it simply can't due to the locking mechanism.


With the original Dytac flashhider the M4 2000 sits rock solid when screwed on, but there is a chance of unscrewing itself to be honest.


So, I'd say the KAC is more secured when attached, but I won't say it's the better choice. Both are really neat surpressors.

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