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Thanks =]


I've a few bits still on the way including a mbus set but I'm in two minds about sticking some rails on the moe and a stub grip as the moe's pretty compfy as is.


Edit: another for good measure.





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The friction lock is great, removes any wobble from your stock, next best think to a UBR.


As for that small stubby vert grip it also looks like it bolts straight to the MOE without any rails, neat.


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i have a question... is the friction lock on the CTR really worth it? o is the MOE stock good enough?

Because all AEGs' buffer tubes are slightly narrower than RS Milspec, if removing ALL wobble from your stock is necessary, then you'll want to buy a PTS CTR or MOE stock. You see, those are built with a narrower than Milspec inner diameter to accommodate the AEG spec'ed buffer tubes (the dimensions of which were altered and initially introduced by Tokyo Marui to avoid the Japanese government from saying that their stuff was built to accept RS parts ... and almost all other AEG manufacturers have copied it since). So using the PTS CTR or MOE stock will give you a nice tight fit whereas using a RS Magpul Ind CTR or MOE will always be a little loose regardless of whether or not it has the friction lock (the friction lock on my RS CTR does nothing on my AEG buffer tubes and still leaves the stock loose). I'd say get the PTS MOE stock as the CTR (as much as I like it) is just overkill and the MOE does everything that's needed for less money.


Note that in the not too distant future, PTS will be redoing their CTR/MOE molds to be RS Milspec as other future products they'll be releasing like their own lipo ready buffer tubes will be done to RS spec too.

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