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Magpul Picture Thread

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He does. Everyone gun hes made for me has been amazing. (5 so far)


Anyways, I know all you magpul guys dig stubby grips, so what do you thinks the best one?


I was thinking this one because I think the ones with the mounts on the side would be uncomfortable.



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I'll second the KA TD grip being inferior.




CA rail covers melt a bit much to stipple easily once the tip gets hot enough, KA TD rail cover replicas are very good for stippling tho.


Now, i cant seem to figure out how to stipple xtm rail covers, i tested the inside of them and i cant get it to make a rough surface? Any suggestions?

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Is it just me or am I the only one who hates Masadas?


I don't mean to start a war (WWMagpul :P) but the Masadas and the UBR I absolutely LOATHE.


Anyway, Waxxer, I still think your Masada is one of the nicest i've seen, and thats coming from someone who hates it :)

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Snake ill get the gun done soon enough ;)


Also, i have the KA TD grip, it does wobble however that has never slowed me down while shooting people, so it doesnt bother me.


And while im here might as well show mine






After (whoreish magpul junk)





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Very nice :)


My G&P TD "Raider" foregrip (it is green, OD I think, got it from WGC) is SOLID on my R-S G&GG M4 carbine rail (modded to fit on M14 :P ). It barely wobbles more than my RS TD broomhandle sitting on my crappy G&P KAC FF tube.... Strange that yours would be wobbly.


The TD stubby with throw adm throwlever I got from Monda for my masada is pretty darned firm, too..... Other than the paint/metal quality, it is great and most definitely worth it.

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Got some better pics taken by SVT. As you see the rail dosent look as gold, and imo, looks nice withe the Magpul DFE.


Still needs a KAC suppressor and Aimpoint

FWIW, I reckon that Noveske flash-hider needs to go.


From an aesthetic POV it looks kinda odd sticking out there at the end of that long barrel and from a practical POV the whole point of the real item is to improve cycling on AR15s with CQB length barrels.

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KX3s look better on shorter rifles. Airsoft wise anyways.


Real steel wise too I would guess, since the primary job of those devices is to increase back pressure to help short barreled guns function reliably.

But yeah, otherwise good looking rifle.


- Zepher

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