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Magpul Picture Thread

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Why on earth would you need a parts list? Really, Can you not tell what parts that gun is put together from?


magpul MBK

Magpul UBR

14.5 inch outer barrel

MOE grip and handguard

MBUS sights


AA railed gas block



Granted some people might not be able to tell what specific parts are, you can simpily ask what the specific part is, instead of wasting their time asking everything the gun is built from.



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Its a Madbull Noveske 10" Open Top front rail(with a 11.5" "Commando" barrel), also has a Madbull RAS fixer(the rail riser thing under the Aimpoint mount) to clock the front properly, with Vltor style folding sight gas block. The torch is a Surefire E2D LED Defender with LaRue offset mount(FYI the E2D uses the .830" mounting ring, smaller than the normal Surefire 6P, which is 1").

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My G&P Magpul DX, completely stripped down.

( all External parts change with either Magpul nor G&P parts)


The AEG Started like this!



Very Dull!



Then Stripped it down!



Changed every stock externals

1. Magpul PTS ACS Carbine Stock

2. G&P TD M16/4 grip with Heat Sink(preference)

3. Magpul PTS MOE Handguard

4. Stick a G&P Zombie Killer Silencer (sand)

5. Troy style rear sight

6. G&P 552 red/green dot

7. Kept the G&P Magpul lower receiver and the Vltor MUR upper receiver



A very nice Magpul AEG!



Wth its big brother full PDI tuned TM VSR10 G Spec (OD)



My G&P Sentry Magpul,




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Not a lot of pics of black Masadas...so here's mine:






Magpul/Ergo rails

Upgraded JG mechbox (shoots around 380fps)

JG "Tango Down" style vertical foregrip

Monda barrel assembly

Real-steel Phantom flashider

NCStar scope (until something better comes along)

Mangonel rear sight (will be replaced with an MBUS once I pick another set up)

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I've been considering THOSE VERY 2 MODELS for build. You jackass, :D


Just playin but nice guns. But c'mon! How could you put all that Magpul on there and then smack a TD grip on the DX?


I can easily put a magpul grip but as mentioned it was preference, I kinda like the feel of the TD grip ;) same as the G&P Sentry Magpul


And what up with 5 lipos? Do you play like, 50 hour games :P


Bro! I only own a couple, the rest are orders from my teammates :P .

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Hey Mamba how is that G&P, I'm thinking of getting one for a similar project to yours.



It's great, got a shaved 2nd tooth of PB, stock, black cylinder (not the typical brass). Not happy with the shimming though( always way off),tuned it up. Hopefully! they have addressed the problem of gear shafts constantly breaking. No complain though as G&P's are always great platform for upgrades. And by the way all import G&P already have 8mm bearing GB. I opened and tuned one of my team mates G&P M16A3 with M203 and it got an 8mm bearing GB. I always buy straight from hongkong, at least this way your guaranted to have the brand new stocks or models.

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MOE Stock

MOE Grip

Upgraded metal grip base plate

MOE Handgaurd with plastic rails

KA style VFG

G&P Delta ring + spring


Guarder sling


To be honest though, I really don't like FG and I could use some recommendations from you guys. I want to keep the battery stored inside the handguard but have rails to bolt stuff on, so the only other real option I'm seeing is a CASV; also I'm guessing the buffer tube has to stay as-is on these due to the recoil mech so a UBR stock will be out of the question. Some sort of flip-up sight or railed gas block would be good as well, any thoughts/ideas from anyone would be appreciated.

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