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Magpul Picture Thread

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Am there tutorial for this? :crazy:


Not really. I can show you my soldering tip, but besides that, it's almost all random. The pressure/timing at which you do each "melt" does affect how "rough" your plastic becomes, i.e. fast/light is thin, while long/hard is rough.


Ok the last part of that analogy may lead to...alternate understandings XD.

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Grr RM, your weapons always puts other to shame XD.


Finally adjusted AoE for my GB today, so was able to put it back together. Got a buffer tube lipo as well, and since the WA M4 tube is almost completely hollow, it fit in without a hitch.




Could even close the cap at the end XD.




Bad inside pic. My DSLR hates indoor/yellow lighting :(




Well, well. Looks like I was right about the lipo space. Good to see someone used my advise :)

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Stippled the rest of the XTM's that came in from Reincarnation today :D. The gap is for the LaRue FUG I'm picking up tomorrow.






I'll get some better pics in the daylight tomorrow as well.

Nice. I demand more pictures. Hopefully tomorrow I will be 90% done with my upper for my replica.

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