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Magpul Picture Thread

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^Same. The older one was a black box with "Magpul PTS" over it in white and red. I got the same packaging for a newer ACS stock I got from a friend.


Whatever, as long as the product inside is Magpul, who cares XD.


Haha yea the RDS setup isn't bad. If only I weren't using it on my MP7...

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I actually bought a CYMA AIMS, and Vltor M4 stock adapter, specifically so I could transplant the body to my AK and use it with an M4 stock...unfortunately the CYMA stock cant come off, it's all riveted in place! So for now I'm leaving it with the original stock. Might look into changing the pistol grip though!

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Nice job fella,what makes the the gas block?

It looks like a Hurricane Gas Block, I had one for my old HK M4 build.


Disregard my comment about quoting pictures, 4 pages back seems far enough. I don't know, I guess I always been told that if I am referring to a picture or pictures, I should remove the image BBcodes and just leave the link to spare people with slow connection the task of loading a picture or pictures that have little to no relation to them. And let those who have business/knowledge with such would just simple click the link for the image. But hey that me, sorry about that then Jay7 and Snigel.

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It's easy enough just to remove the IMG tags and leave the link so it can still be viewed.


OT: Jarhead, is that a airsoft magpul training area? Interesting idea.



Its actually our local(well not that local for me lol) Airsoft IPSC year end tournament. We've worked in rifle portion for part of the course of fire, so its a mix between pistol and rifle, and in that particular COF we have a obstruction in for the rifle target and it was made to look like the ones in the Magpul vid...

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But hey that me, sorry about that then Jay7 and Snigel.


Didn't mean it like that, just thought that if Neo's like me, and just browse the image-threads just for images he'll see his pic and react to the question ;) Guess you're right tho.. :rolleyes:


Llooks like the hurricane block, yes.

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