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Magpul Picture Thread

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XTMs IMO needs better surface texture compare to say, Tangodown panels...I have both, and I feel no need to mess around with my Tangodown one since they are already rough(similar but rougher texture like the ones on MIAD pistol grip). If it just had some texture it'll probably be better than nothing. But then again, its largely down to the enduser. Same reason why Glock or other polymer frame pistol don't come with pre-stippled frame. While you can always get yours stippled later...

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No, everyone is doing it because it works. Im sick of this OMG COSTA bullsh**, sure airsoft is a fashion show by and large, but everyone who screams fad fails to understand just hod good magpul products are.

I actually think it's become more popular for people to buy into the mob mentality of anti-Costa-ism. That seems to have become a fad in of itself. People just need to learn to use whatever they like and not judge others for their choices. Like I always say, who cares? It has nothing to do with you, get a life.

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I want a G&P vltor MUR upper with G&P zombie killer lower. that'd be pure sex.


EDIT: It's 100 pages!


IronWolf: Quite! The next user to post an actual picture (lets make it a good one!) gets to be the first poster in the MK. 2 thread :)

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Would this count? :D




It's magpul-ised, to an extent XD


That looks distinctly like a photo I've seen a few days ago ;) , lets go for something fresh to mark the occasion :)


I guessed I changed my settings, 'cause I'm seeing fifty pages.


Interesting, could you PM me any specific changes you have made to your preferences/ settings? I'm seeing 100 pages.

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