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KWC Taurus PT99 Review now uploaded

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Should this not just be in your thread Richard? It is hardly a brand new, cutting edge pistol we're all anxious to hear about! :P



actually its got his new short mag system in it so i deemed it new news


if you feel its not then move it by all means.

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Blue writing over black background makes it kinda hard to read. If you're going to stick to that color scheme you're gonna have to increase the font. Otherwise nice review.



thanks for the comment, I like the colour scheme, The writng is easy to read, but i will look at increasing the size for future reviews.


As for the colour, it would mean gettin a whole new stylesheet and template (which im not keed on doing)

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the cool down on this taurus is terrible on full auto. but ill try my new CO2 capsules soon.



update from KWC themselves, the cooldown on the mag is due to the fact full aito should only be used in short controlled bursts, otherwise it will cool down too much.


single shot should not be too affected by the cool down, unless rapid shots are fired.

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