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whats with this akmeter.akmos.ru krap

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Hello Arnies computer geeks.


I am a bit miffed and baffled about this most recent anoyance, when reading posts through email notifications.

The page starts to load and all seems ok for sec, then this mysterious akmeter.akmos.ru blah blah.txt/krappity krap starts to load.

Nothing fortunately happens and by clicking back I can see the Arnies forums and the new posting.




This is frustrating and specially with my mobile PDA this akmeter mumbojumbo is very irritating, like having fireants in your trousers.




My laptop seems to try to load the akmeter krappity krap txt whatever, but will not load it. Luckily. The correct page will load, when clicked from forum.

But, when pressing back button, you must click it twice to return to previous forum page. Strange eh?


No viruses and all is good on my end.


Any thoughts?





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Well the thing in question is the currency convertor that sits on the side bar on the forums (very usefull considering the nature of airsoft) which reloads every 15 seconds iirc, although it doesn't load at all for me anymore for some reason :(


If you don't want to see it go down to 'Skin selector' at the bottom of the page and select 'Arnies - Without sidebar', that should do the trick....i think :unsure:

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It shouldn't hang in any browser, it should just pop up a tiny 404 in place of the exchange rates in the side bar, but if you are getting hang-ups do as rob suggests down at the bottom change the skin to "without sidebar". It looks weird for a while but you get used to it and pretty much everything in the side bar is only one or two clicks up top anyway.

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