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Army Works MEU in Black and Stainless

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So this weapon has been out for a while, are there any big significant, long term flaws? obviously the magazines might not be up to par, and from a previous post here, some parts don't fit exactly. Any thing else those looking into these weapon want to be aware of?


I'm still looking into it, just waiting on my friend to put in my order.

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got mine today on your review guiness and man is it lovely, coming out at 350 fps :D havent had a chance to shoot in the garden yet though and test accuracy floorless paint work and gave my grips a good home

I dont like the magazines as they dont seem to sit as high as they should and you can see the silver of the mag poking out the bottom is this normal? Will normal 1911 mags without the bumpers fit? (not the TM 1911 MEU kind)

Since the pic this morning i have sanded the barrel in the breach area for a silver look and whited out the markings :)




Where did you buy yours from shooter? Oh and loving them grips.. :D

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