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AK & Variants Picture Thread

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as for RS modding, if you're british it would be very illegal... impossible anyway, at least with a standard V3 gearbox. might be possible with a realsword box, but a bit pointless as there are suitable recievers already out there.




You could use quite abit of real steel parts on it.



Fido's M70



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My new Aftermath:




Please don't judge a book by it's cover, or in this case an AEG by it's brand.



Deepfire polycarbonate piston

Guarder piston head

Steel spring guide

Guarder tappet plate

King Arms bushings

King Arms hop-up

Madbull "Black Python" 6.03mm TBB


All else is stock. Range and accuracy are....impressive. :-D

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My brother was looking at getting a CYMA AK-105 or a Dboys AKS-74, which is the better buy? I know the DBoys is Full Steel, but how is the Skeleton Stock? Ditto for the CYMA.


I know the same question is somewhere in this thread, but I don't have the time to check the whole thread.

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For those of you with folding-stock AKs, how long does a stick battery last for you in a game? do you have multiple ones on hand at all times?


a good quality 1400mAh 9.6V stick calast all day at a push, but i prefer to swap batteries half way through the day anyway.

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RS T56-1, with a Unicorn pistol grip (painted red by me) and (slightly) painted original handguards. Normally I use the RS AK sling but it´s being used elsewhere.








And btw, do anyone know if there´s an AKM flash hider that will fit the RS 56-1?

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Looks great. I would love to make my Type 56-1 look similar. What kind of wood stain did you use? Also I'm assuming the pistol grip had to be modded to fit properly on the receiver. If so, how was it done?


Btw I don't know if you can get a compatible AKM flash hider. I tried using the element one but once it is screwed all the way in, it was upside down. If you can convince realsword to send you the RS 56-2 front sight, they have built in AK nubs for flash hiders.

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Haven't gamed with it yet, but I plan to, though the scope is a heavy *female dog*, it works perfectly well, better than most gen 1 NV's.


That makarov is an Umarex makarov, an air gun.


can u send me pictures of that and maybe write a review? :D

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one stick battery lasts me all day, even for nonstop ops starting at 530 and ending at 4-5. Maybe I'm special, or maybe it's because I charge till the very last minute before I leave. I dunno.



ybe you are skilled firecontrol, not trigger happy like me :D

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