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AK & Variants Picture Thread

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Actually, Classic Army doenst make PBS-1 silencers :)


The only airsoftbrands i know make them, are G&P and Element.


G&G actually, not G&P.


The ELEMENT one is better than the G&G, to be honest - it looks much more realistic in terms of finish and dimensions.


It's also much cheaper.

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Here some pics of my midget AK. I hope you like 'em.








Now I just need to find a way to fake some rust on those spots that are a liitle bit too much scratched off. They stick out too much because of their shinyness.


Edit: oh and some wood furniture is also planned. I just need to wait for some nice cherry wood to be delivered.

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I seen some nice RPK 74's on here recently and thought I would have a go at making one myself. It's not 100% accurate (wrong receiver) but it looks the part.


Parts list:

CA AK74 receiver

ACM RPK barrel and bipod

ACM laminated RPK furniture stripped and revarnished

Kalash top cover

ACM RPK rear sight with detail painted in red

Element brown pistol grip (I will probably swap this with a LCT plum one)

Trapper industries RPK 74 flash hider

king arms fire selector with kalash screw holding it on.

RPK 74 mag is a ACM midcap painted with red stain to m,ake it appear more like the Real Steel versions.






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All I wanted was a little punky looking usedlook but on some places I went a bit over the edge and ended up grinding away too much paint. Especially the area over the magwell looks too made up and not so much naturally worn. A little too punky for my taste :P


But none the less I am pretty satisfied with my first usedlook. A littlebit of fake rust and my fake used AK is perfect. Maybe one of those RPK 74 Mags to top it off.

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I don't think I've ever posted my VFC AIMS here. Pics came out a little more orange than it really is.


Stock outside. Inside it's all Prometheus/Systema at 400 FPS with .25's and about 27 RPS. Fits an Intellect 11.1v 20C 1400mah with auto-resetting fuse and low voltage alarm perfectly.














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Dang TriChrome, that's one beautiful gun. Been wanting an AIMS for a while now. Think I might have to put one on my list of next to buy items! How do you like that style side folding stock? I'm primarily used to the underfolding AK47S stock, and have always been curious on the side folders like that...

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The side folding stock is my favorite part of the gun. It's hands down the most solid one of it's type I've ever used, including one or two real steel guns I've handled. There's absolutely no wobble. There's also enough room above the receiver to fit an 11.1v 1400mah LiPo battery with fuse and low voltage alarm so I don't miss the battery capacity a full stock would have given me.

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