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AK & Variants Picture Thread

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quick question


seems i cheaped out on the CYMA AIMS the rear sling loop broke off the other day, is there any other way of slinging an AIMS i cant remove the stock becasue its perminatly pinned there :(


im gunna have to get a new body most probably.


oh and a pic request


RIS'ed AK and i mean completley raped by the things.


i want to see what one looks like with those sexy black strips on there.

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Thanks a lot man! I would have to agree with you about the wood. I think I will go with the black paint method.


EDIT: Oh, and It's a Real Sword Type 56-1 for anyone interested. Best weapon I've ever owned.

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Anyone know where I could get a spare lower with a rommy sidefolding stock for the latest CYMA AKs?

Either that or a stock that will work with a '74 stock tang and receiver?


nope, cyma use a realsword design with a 99% pinned construction but a screwed barrel. this makes changing receivers a tad awkward as there are no aftermarket recievers using this design.

you could always bodge a real steel stock to fit the existing reciever. other users have done so with good results IIRC.



Really? I thought that was all wood stain. Shows how I carefully I read! :unsure:


nah, he says to lay a cloth over it, batter it and then go over with black/dark brown acrylic and wipe off quickly so it simulates dirt gathered in all the dents and scrapes.

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My budget AKXX:


I picked this up in a trade, barely working and missing the stock. The wood parts, sling and rig are all military surplus and cost about 30 bucks total. An internal tune-up, a ton of varnish stripper, a lot of dremeling, and a bit of tung oil and it's a fairly presentable "bad guy" gun.


Still needs a wood or vented metal top cover and a wood grip--maybe even an old NSPU or a GBB kit if I'm feeling generous.

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i hate painted Ak's normally. but that right there is epic! Badass dude! especially with the V helm XD


I absolutely hate it when people paint the classic models that come with wood furniture... There are modern AK derivatives out there, however, that end up painted often - Polish troops, at least some units, get to paint their Beryls. So I'm excused :)


And thank you! :)


You are not legion. Also, nice AK! Top job on the paint as well.


I'm just an airsofter who happens to like V for Vendetta ;):P

As for the paintjob - thanks... personally I think it could be a bit smoother here and there, but I guess the way it is now, it's quite authentic. Can't wait for the big milsim at the end of the month to give it some natural wear :)

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jonboy, that Beryl is awesome! Parts list please?


Thanks! :D


As for the parts, that's pretty complex, but here it is:


The base is an Aftermath Kraken (a clear-receiver Ak-47, since i couldn't obtain any AK-74 at the time...)


and then:


-Metal AK-74 receiver, has to be a solid stock type (forgot the manufacturer, sorry, but it's one of those with separate steel immitation firing mechanism axes on the left side)

-steel ribbed receiver cover (kit with the above)

-nylon fiber black AK-74 hand grip (kit with the above)

-VFC gas block, 90-degree AK-74 type (required a lot of dremeling to fit... any AK-74 style gas block will do)

-custom bipod retainer ring on barrel, bipod stabilizer pin epoxied into the gas block in place of the cleaning rod which is not carried on-weapon on the Beryl)

-Real Steel gas tube - Beryl/Tantal type, with no handguard retainers. AN AMD tube might do the job, too. Since I couldn't get a one-piece upper/lower handguard & gas tube retainer, unique to the Tantal/Beryl series, I had to improvise for now until I get the correct part)

-AKM-type front sight block, P&J (the AKM type is the closest in appearance... AK-74's is too long at the base)

-custom outer barrel extension, steel (will ultimately be replaced by a one-piece steel outer barrel)

-RS flash hider

-RS stock (bolted into a steel block wedged and epoxied in the back of the receiver)

-RS RIS rail attachment, bolted into the receiver cover since it won't fit the way it's designed to (notches in rear sight base and notch on the stock tang)- airsoft AK receivers are about 5mm longer (I just have two identical receiver covers - one with, one without the RIS attachment)

-the rear sight base was dremeled and bondoed into correct shape (Beryls and Tantals have no gas tube locking lever), will ultimately be replaced with an RS part

-still need to install an immitation firing mode selector on the left side, opposite fromt he sfety switch (those functions are separate on the Tantal/Beryl line)


That's it on the outside. Never touched the innards, no need - it shoots over 400fps, gears are super smooth and the piston has superb compression, so there was absolutely no need to tamper with it)

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