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AK & Variants Picture Thread

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I am looking to add the VELTOR stock adaptor from Ebaybanned to a TM AK47 that had a solid stock on it. Does anyone know from experience if this stock adaptor will work with the TM body? Also does anyone on here have experience with the Element metalreceiver and TM AK compatability front end compatability? Thanks for any answers I used the search function and didn't find anything.

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Its made for the TM style ak47 body, i bought one since it showed a akm reciver on the pic but the fail gooks made it for tm ak so its been laying in a droor for over a year.

I think elements bodys are made for tm aks aswell if im not mistaken.

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She ain't much, but she's mine. I bought one of the AK Boneyard Mystery cases from Airsoftgi, and ended up getting a Cyma G18c that only works in full auto, and a Cyma Aks74. I'm unsure if it's a Cm040 or Cm031c, and I'm not sure how I'd figure out what I have. Regardless, she's gonna become a project gun, I think.


I need a new front sight (the flash hider SNAPPED off, it wasn't packed well), I just put it on in the picture, before it rolled off, perhaps I'll try some sort of strong adhesive or JB Weld. The piece that goes just behind the upper handguard piece is missing, so it has to be held on by some tape. The mag catch also needs filed down a bit, as it seems to only fit on my Dboys bakelite highcaps. The waffle highcap from my Cyma AkCPW doesn't fit, and neither do any of my MAG Ak74 mags. So, I'm going to file that catch down, until they click in place.


I'll be changing parts on it over time, and I'll do something fun with this for sure.

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Pic request: a closeup of somebody's vented steel top cover. I want to make one from a scrap of sheet metal for my post-Apocalypse/insurgent homemade-from-spare-parts AK.


Is this what you are looking for?



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