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AK & Variants Picture Thread

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thats the problem with RS wood ;) rusmilitary has a full set of AK74 wood for £130 odd, but i can't really provide much infor other than that as i've kinda been out of the loop for the past 8 months or so.


edit: Guinness has a weathering guide. my advice is, go slowly. use a scotch brite pad, as it weathers gently and its not as easy to go OTT, the results tend to look much better than sandpaper. remember that only raised sections and edges will see significant wear. that means no bare patches on the reciever.

using a scotch brite you can just rub over the whole surface and the exposed areas that would be first to wear off in real life will wear down.


also, at first the worn sections will look far too bright and fresh. i found after many months the steel started to take on a slightly darker colour (due to oxidisation). i havent tried this but it might be worth just splashing the gun with a bit of salt water to get a bit of rust on the bars steel parts (not too much) then using some fine wire wool, gently brush/rub off the majority of the rust. that way you should be left with a darker, less shiny colour.

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Did you leave the CTR stock off on purpose? i think it would look really nice if you added that on. but still looks good nonetheless :D


The CTR stock was originally part of the plan, but there isn't any easy way to add an M4 stock adapter to a VFC AK-105. I bought a CYMA AIMS with the idea of taking it's metal body and and using VFC's Vltor stock adapter...but I cant remove the AIMS stock, apparently everything is riveted in place, I guess I need a VFC AIMS.


Of course I could just buy a TM styled AK and use one of the many M4 stock adapters, but I think I'm done spending money on this project at this point. :)


I'm happy with it as it is right now though, the back stock helps it retain some of its "AK-iness".

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If you're an AK purest, avert your eyes:



More pics and specs on the gun here:



not my style, but props for not putting a modstock on it. it arguably looks more unique without one (plus modstocks really dont fit with the AK's lines IMO)

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someone beat me to it!


ill do the m4 stock version with a nice CTR on it!

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