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AK & Variants Picture Thread

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Snake, going for a PA md. 68 carbine?


I've been wanting to build one for a while :D

I'm guessing the problems you had with the CYMA involved the receiver not working with the VFC style front end?



Hitting up a gun show tomorrow, hopefully I'll have some new toys to hack on to my AKs.

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Er no lol Problems lay within the gearbox practicality. Basically I attempted to switch (temporarily) a CYMA AKS74U's gearbox over but the Kalash bodies are a lot tighter than CYMA- Would I be correct in assuming this is due to each brand cloning different up-market brands?


Anyways, the PA md 86 Idea is good, looks like the wrong reciever for the job though... all the same am mighty tempted now :D




edit: Hop unit also sat waaaay to far forward, meant that mags wouldnt fit in either... ah well nothing ventured nothing gained!

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the gearbox shell is a universal size, and both clone the VFC design in that regard anyway, only real difference is in the barrel.


Really? Hmm Im not sure what the issue is there then, the CYMA gearbox seemed a bit too long and wide for the kalash reciever-sure enough I got it in but just wasnt right the body. Anyways Im thinking just putting a Dboys/Kalash gearbox in should do the trick, then upgrading from there.



I thought they CYMA were clones of somethign else, the handgaurd on the two guns put beside eachother are completely different- I was also under the impression that CYMA wouldnt accept Mod'd RS grips whereas Kalash would

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well, if you mod RS grips enough you can get them on anything. I had a rommy vert grip on my CM036, which is a marui clone, and my 048 and 040B (both VFC/real sword hybrids) hanguards look exactly like the RS ones. Probably not a drop-in fit, but it shouldn't take too much work.


and from everything I've heard, the only things that make the CYMAs different are the barrels and the way they attach to the receiver. I don't see why a gearbox wouldn't be able to be swaped out, but I might be picking up a kalash aks74u tomorrow, and I can try to swap the gearboxes out to check.

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Well here is an old picture of an AK that's far long gone. [2007] (I do rather miss my AK 47. Hell, I miss my AKS-74 too... Ahhh need more money to buy more guns!)


Oh, and a warning to the AK purists, look away. Because this gun will make your eyes burn. (It's my gun, I'll RIS rape it how I like thank you! :P )








I'll repost my AKS-74 for you people that need to wash the RIS rape out of your eyes. ^_^



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Picked up a few bits at a local gun show.

Rommy furniture, unknown AKM gas block and muzzle brake


AK74 bayonet, so dull that it couldn't hurt a hemophiliac.


Probably going to pick up a CM.050 for the receiver, and juggle parts around until I end up with an AKS-74, AKM, and PA md. 68 carbine

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I'm currently working on this bullpup AKU94.


Here's a pic with real steel parts added and a photoshop butt:



Here's where i am currently, i've cast the real steel butt part and spliced two castings to make an extended butt (heh) - the grey part seen below. This has been bolted to the stock bracket at the top and will use the bottom grip screw to secure it.

Cut a bit of card to give a template for the motor/trigger plate. This will have some milled detail on it so it looks less slab-sided.

Figured out i might be able to run a sleeved cable (like a bike brake cable) arrangement from front trigger to back trigger. This will involve drilling a hole 'somewhere' thru the block that holds the barrel at the front of the receiver.




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thats a type 1 AKM bayonet mate ;) hope it wasnt mis-sold to you

Ahh, thanks for the correction mate! Tbh I just picked it up for the hell of it, so I'm not too worried about it. The guy I bought it from didn't actually tell me what it was, I just kind of guessed. 

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My Kalash AK-74:




My plan is to artifically wear it, paint it, then wear it again. It'll also be tacticool'd along the way...Belarus optic mount (for the Rakurs-P/Weaver POSP) and an Ultimak rail. Oh, and a new pistol grip, as I'm not a fan of the stock pistol grips. Not sure if I want to go with a CAA or Tapco SAW grip replica. (Don't hurt me.)


Edit: Oh, also, one of those Russian Naval grey/blue-ish slings would look out of place on it, eh?


Oh, well. :P



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