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AK & Variants Picture Thread

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dont think so. theres a special one for the AK104/5, but as far as i can see it's only the front section of the top rail that's marginally shorter, so i reckon if you took a hacksaw to a standard one it would fit.


thats what I thought. thx.

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me again...


does someone know what type of handguard/grips are on the Betas?


I know, they resemble the ones on the AKMS, but not quite.


also, would a Vltor AK stock adapter (airsoft version) fit an AKS74U/105 receiver or only non folding receivers?

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The most recent of additions to collection of Russian perfection :wub:




The PBS can provide service even on an AEG.... ^_^




DarkMM :flamed:


Forgiveness please for picture quality, sunlight maybe of assistance....

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