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AK & Variants Picture Thread

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it will take a 12v but i find that with a 11.1 lipo i empty a hicap in under 6 seconds which is fun but it eats through the ammo really quickly and i spend loads of time clicking that little wheel to keep the hicaps charged.


i usually carry about 8 hicaps in my smersh which works well but if i swap to the 6sh92 it only holds 4 mags so i have to carry a spare bag of ammo somewhere so that i can charge up the mags when its quiet.


the only mods i have carried out on the my vfc's is to fit a tightbore and play around with the hop rubber and nub to get the best from it. since the mods i'm hitting targets at 45-50 meters and the FPS sits around 345 with very little + or -


I like to add real wood to my ak's as you probably know and a visit to rusmilitary.com will get you a nice set of real wood and right now he has the later type which is without the slots cut in the wood , on the upper, for the Ak74 model. this takes a tiny bit of modding to fit but looks the bees knees.


the last thing to mention about Ak's is the sling. be aware that if you fit a sling it will chink chink as you wander about unless you tape it up. this might not be important where you skirmish but i find that it gives the game away sometimes when skirmishing in woodland and i'm trying to be sneaky.


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