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AK & Variants Picture Thread

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It is true for airsoft as well, Though I'm unsure about the first conversion kit models..


Anything can be modded offcourse, you can make a retainer or something to fit in the real one so it holds the lower properly.


Yeah, I'm talking about the Ino/LCT spec stuff. Oh well, time to customize...

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Say, I have a little question that someone around here might be able to ask.

Is there anyway to change the pistol grip of the Type56-2? It looks kind of different, like in a different angle.


Hey make sure you give me the grip if you do change it mate - I adore those grips. Just a shame that I'd have to buy a RS 56-2 to get one.

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A picture that is taken CORRECTLY.


I have seen so many ###### AK (ex: the brutally cut-down ones, ones fitted with SVD stocks, ones with capitalist suppressors) that my eyes almost started to bleed.

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DBoys RK01S

-GHK GBB kit

-Big Dragon complete bolt assembly

-Russian Tula stock

-Russian Tula upper handguard

-Russian Tula pistol grip and bolt

-Russian Tula gas tube

-Russian AKSU sling

-Bulgarian AK74 dimpled magazine catch and spring

-Bulgarian AKSU rear sight pivot pin

-Bulgarian AKSU handguard retainer pin and spring

-LCT AKSU lower handguard

-Refinished to match Tula parts

-Systema tightbore


I'd call it 90% done. The next one is going to use a Tula parts kit on a DBoys RK01S receiver with a steel barrel. Some detailed pictures follow.


The stock attached. I modified a DBoys stock pin and cut the rear trunnion to fit the stock.

A proof on the stock,  you can see that I didn't modify the stock at all to fit.

The magazine catch, no fitting required.

Tula pistol grip, mold marking 2-2 upside down. Modified for the GHK kit, sadly.

The bolt handle was re-profiled to fit the real AKSU bolt better.

In addition to the other work, I modified the selector dimples to better reflect the real receivers. A learning process, and it's not 100% right, but it's a start.

The upper and lower handguards, I vented the upper to match. Again, a learning experience. The gas tube also had to be modified to fit on the DBoys parts.

The gas piston, visible with the upper handguard removed.

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Does anyone have any experience with this scope mount?




Quality-wise how are they? Reviews don't help, they're 50/50.




I bought one months ago, but back then the description said a shim plate is supposed to come with the scope mount, to fit all mount plates. Even the instructions said so. However it did not, and it would not fit the mounting plate on VFC guns, it rattles even with the screw being tightened so hard it bends the mount significantly. I contacted ebairsoft about it. He apologized for the wrong description, removed the "shim" part but left in that they fit VFC despite the fact i told him exactly which guns i had tried it on, the VFC AIMS, and the Krinkov PDW variants. As for the mount itself, it has a rather rough rail on it which wont let me fit chinese Larue type mounts, but the screw mounts on my G&P Aimpoint fits well on it. You could easily fit another more precise rail onto it however with some mods for the screws on that new rail. The build quality is ok but i dont think the black surface will stand up to too much nicks and scrapes.



It may fit other ak's, i have no idea, but if you have the VFC brand, dont bother with it, unless you wanna make a shim for it yourself or source out a better fitting mounting plate. I got a store credit and was allowed to keep the mount, but still very disapointed. Hope this helps. 



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Brand new, came out for real AKs. Because I'm using a GBB kit, I can use real grips. Had to modify the pistol grip mount but the grip is untouched. Like all TD grips, has waterproof storage inside. MSRP is around $35 I think.

I'm actually looking for a grip for my saiga, where did you get yours? 

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More like this one.... :)






Again I don't know for certain if it will fit a VFC, I'm pretty sure it will, but I've only fitted some of their grips and body parts.

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