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AK & Variants Picture Thread

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Joe, have you spent a whole mag's worth? How's the recoil? Been thinking of grabbing one, but been holding back cause SRC's quality (at least the GBBR line) is still a big question mark in my mind.


i will post a vid of me finishing a mag in a day or two, you can compare it with my stock ghk vid on youtube

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Very very cool AK, I would have chosen an AKM as a base, but thats just my personal likings :)


How is the eye relief in that magnifier?


Thank you, glad you liked it, the ak 74 is also a great plat form to use. But in the end what makes the AK special is you can get parts made in a back water shops in no mans land and it will work.

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Or, since you're in America where you can get all the fun stuff, buy a real one! I have one, and have seen a copy and they're ###### compared to UltiMAKs.. (The Cyma one that is.. The LCT is probably way better if you're going for a clone.)


Is it really impossible to get one of the UltiMAK lower rails shipped overseas? sad.gif

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Or, since you're in America where you can get all the fun stuff, buy a real one! I have one, and have seen a copy and they're ###### compared to UltiMAKs..sad.gif


oh yeah that's right, I am American, I should be getting my rail free with Obamacare in 2015. Seriously if you would pay 120 for a rail to put on a 90 CYMA... you should run for Federal Office, they need someone to balance the budget.


Im probably going to skip the rails altogether and bolt an MOE vfg to the handguard like so:



step one, step two.

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I gave you my opinion on the ACM one and suggested that you should get a real one. Mind you, there are people that don't know what the airsoft-versions are copies of in the first place..


Anyway, that bolted on MVG looks like it could be quite nice! smile.gif

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yeah, I like it when people build amazingly awesome replicas with real steel parts, but not this 90 dollar CYMA lol. pearls on a pig.


- so I've deepsixed the idea of rails and optics, I'm just gonna bolt the MOE grip onto the given handgrips and swap the flash hider and spray the whole thing tan while I wait for Beta mags to get here.


I think it will look highspeed enough without being covered with rails. I might replace the rear sight with a short rail piece and put a doctor on it, later down the line.

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Looking good uba!


Little update on mine:




The only thing added that's not RS is the pistol grip (nothing I can do about that I'm afraid...)


Base is a RealSword

East German folder, bakelite handguard and sling

Egyptian ribbed top cover

UltiMAK rail

Optima 2000 dot




So, Snigel, could you or anyone here tell me how you slapped that East German side folder on? I have the Type 56-2 with the folding stock, but I have no idea how to disassemble that! Was there extensive work in putting that on, and would I have to go to a real steel gunsmith for this work? My Romanian wood furniture just doesn't look right without a wire stock....mad.gif



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I'm afraid that you will have a hard time installing a Romanian (if that's what you're after) on a 56-2 since you need the rear tang for these stock to work!


At first you need to have ot looking like this:





Everything removed (the square part that's sticking out on airsoft-variants of the AK..) leaving just the tang and enough for the rivets to hold it.


The most work is needed on the stock itself. I did not modify the stock myself and the guy who did it is banned from the forums.. But this picture should explain at least some of it.





Material needs to be removed and a spring needs to be added. It's a lot of work, but worth it!


But as I said, you won't be able to do this unless you get a rear tang. If you're good at riveting then there should be no problem modifying a real one.

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