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RIFs Stolen


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Flat was smashed and grabbed on Monday - neighbours called it in - took the Police 30 mins to arrive :angry:


A TM Glock 17 and more worringly a BBM 8mm Blank firing Glock 17 were part of the haul (rifles have steel wire through the trigger guards and skelton stocks and thankfully the anchor held!)


Unfortunately they also got away with a bunch of machines which means Airbana's Version 4 release has been put back a bit (offsite backup saves the day!).


If anyone sees or hears ought give Thames Valley Police a call on 0845 8505505



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Urm, I guess providing my 'real name' (Gareth Llewellyn) and the date (27/04/09) should be enough.


It's unlikely they'll be stupid enough to flog em to people like ourselves I'm just hoping they get caught before they scare some innocent home owner :(

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im soprised you did not get armed police turn up as it it is a blank fireing it could be turned in to real bullets if you know how to but still im realy sorry for you mate. but 30 mins its to late for the police to turn up and chatch them sorry agen hope you both get them back before there used in a roborey

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