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all this fighting over that gun and it STILL only has a safe setting. no semi auto or full auto, no burst. Its just silly


Well im sure if all replicas were made like that, Mothers Against Guns would have nothing to say that we were dangerous...




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a couple i made on a website that let you mix and match an ak47 m4 and sa80


a sniper desert eagle


and sniper shotgun


the last 2 arnt photoshops just me messing about with bits i had laying around

yet another famas g36 hybrid


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Your D Eagle revolver reminded me of this gun I saw at a recent gunshow.


Lads and Gents, I present to you, the Smith and Wesson 500!!!!!




It really exists and fires the .50 caliber round, as does the .50 D Eagle. Basically it is the


most badassical revolver ever made!


J Anderson


It does not fire the same round...

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